"My order has been submitted, and I apply for a reduction in the loan interest rate." Recently, Mr. Wang, a citizen of Xiamen, sent a screenshot of his transfer to the official WeChat account of the "China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission" after some operations, and began to wait for his "low interest rate" loan to be approved. batch.

However, instead of waiting for the news that the loan was approved, he also lost 150,000 yuan...

  It is understood that on May 8, Mr. Wang received an unfamiliar call. The other party claimed to be the customer service of "XX Finance", claiming that the interest rate of the loan service opened by Mr. Wang on the platform was too high. Borrowing interest rate, and cancel the corresponding account, otherwise it will affect personal credit.

  Mr. Wang believed it to be true, so the other party asked him to download a certain video conference mobile application software, and "pulled" Mr. Wang into the "online conference".

  Later, the other party prompted Mr. Wang to turn on the screen sharing function, saying that he wanted to "teach" Mr. Wang for the next step.

After discovering that Mr. Wang’s mobile phone still has quotas on other platforms, the other party proposed that Mr. Wang should “transfer” the loan quotas in other lending platforms to the “secure account”, and send the transfer flow to the “China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission” WeChat public. No. "filing", saying that doing so would reduce its borrowing rate.

  Under the "guidance" of the other party, Mr. Wang "cleared" the total amount of 150,000 yuan of loan accounts on multiple platforms, and sent screenshots of each transfer with text descriptions to the "China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission" WeChat public account.

  After waiting for the other party to return the funds, Mr. Wang realized that he had been deceived and reported the case to the police.

  Hong Hengliang, a policeman from the Xiamen Municipal Center for Combating and Governing New Types of Illegal and Criminal Telecommunication Networks, pointed out that in this case, the criminals added the operation of "sending the transfer flow to the official WeChat account of the financial regulator" in the old trick of "cancelling the loan account", which caused people to lose money. Mistakenly believing that his actions are "officially endorsed".

  Hong Hengliang said that the police reminded not to believe that unfamiliar calls induce transfer or remittance operations for any reason. For unidentified calls, you should directly hang up or call 96110 for verification.

(Reporter Yan Zhihong)