• While the current government should remain in office at least until May 13, behind the scenes, negotiations are going well to form the next government.

  • A Macron II government whose composition should be unveiled in the coming days.

  • But in the meantime, "20 Minutes" makes its predictions on the next Minister of Health.

Still a little patience before knowing the complete cast and its headliners.

In a few days, the composition of the new Macron 2 government will be unveiled.

In the meantime, the transfer window is in full swing, negotiations and other tax audits of potential candidates are going well.

Nothing has filtered through on the next tenant on Avenue de Ségur.

But the president wants in his team "figures who allow to continue to give a dynamic", but also "to continue to bring out a new generation".

For the French Union for Free Medicine (UFML), a medical union, "we need a Minister of Health who is committed, a doctor in the field preferably from the liberal world".

“By dint of not dealing with city medicine, we have allowed medical deserts to settle in, deplores Dr. Jérôme Marty, general practitioner and president of the UFML.

You need someone with experience, who has a view of the field and who is recognized for it”.

20 Minutes

reveals its predictions to you and submits them to Dr Marty, who analyzes them without language.

Renaud Muselier: Doctor, politician and LR defector

Doctor by training and president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, Renaud Muselier from Marseille has already served in the Raffarin government as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

LR member, Renaud Muselier left his original political family to be re-elected as head of his region thanks to an alliance with LREM.

“He is a liberal doctor, of course, but for me, it's a big no.

When we supported Didier Raoult and defended the use of hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19, it was a red card, because it is in crises that men reveal themselves, and in the health crisis, it is not was not good,” said Jérôme Marty.

Dominique Le Guludec: On the same trajectory as Agnès Buzyn

A cardiologist by profession, Dominique Le Guludec was appointed President of the College of the High Authority for Health (HAS) by the Presidency of the Republic in 2017. She thus took over from Agnès Buzyn, then appointed Minister of Health.

With a career similar to that of the former minister, Dominique Le Guludec could follow a similar trajectory with this ministerial portfolio.

“On the other hand, in terms of the requirement of the field, not sure that the accounts are good, tackles Dr. Marty.

The mission of the HAS is to defend the quality of care.

Orr, during the health crisis, she was not proactive, whether on the question of masks or to warn of the aerosol risk, she often issued her recommendations late.

Philippe Juvin: LR doctor ready to join the walkers

This is one of the faces that stood out among Covid experts from the start of the pandemic.

Anesthesiologist-resuscitator and mayor of Garenne Colombe, Philippe Juvin is both a caregiver in the field and a seasoned politician.

Member LR, Juvin pleads for the opening of his party to the presidential majority, a position little shared within his political family, where some voices suspect him of placing his pawns to be appointed Minister of Health.

“Why not, he has a double hat which makes him a man of experience and a potentially serious candidate, judges Dr. Marty.

But on condition that he works in tandem with someone from the liberal sector.

Marisol Touraine: The comeback?

And if the Head of State entrusted this ministry to someone who has already occupied it?

The position could thus again be entrusted to Marisol Touraine, Minister of Health under the five-year term of François Hollande.

Present at the investiture ceremony of Emmanuel Macron and invested by LREM for the legislative elections, she might be given the cover.

During her duties, the ex-tenant of Avenue de Ségur was almost unanimously against her with caregivers.

“But besides the grievances we had with her, where was she during the health crisis? Asks Dr. Marty.

We had a pandemic that killed caregivers, revealed all the flaws in our health system and a former Minister of Health who never spoke.

So that's a big no!


Martin Hirsch: From boss of the AP-HP to minister?

Enarque – like the Head of State – trained in neurobiology, Martin Hirsch has a long career as a senior civil servant.

He made his political debut in 1997 as chief of staff to Bernard Kouchner, secretary of state for health in the Jospin government.

Before being appointed two years later Director General of the French Food Safety Agency (Afssa).

Since 2013, he has been Director General of AP-HP.

A few days ago, Martin Hirsch published a column entitled “Hospital: the time of refoundation”.

A document whose publication timing questions, some seeing it as a call to exercise ministerial functions.

If the person concerned denies it, the doubt persists.

But for Dr. Marty, "his record at the head of the AP-HP is calamitous and when we participated in the installation of the hospital disaster, we cannot pose as the bearer of solutions".

Stéphanie Rist: The new generation according to Macron

Rheumatologist doctor, Stéphanie Rist joined LREM when it was created, before being elected deputy in 2017. Co-rapporteur of the bill "My health 2022", the quadra could be chosen by Emmanuel Macron, as a figure of the "new generation" that he wishes to bring out.

“But she doesn't have the experience for the job,” says Dr. Marty.

Bernard Jomier: Doctor and leftist politics

General practitioner and invested in politics for twenty years, Bernard Jomier launched in 2013 the Appeal of the doctors of Paris to denounce the deleterious effects of pollution on health.

Elected senator in 2017, he then sat on the Senate's Social Affairs Committee to deal with subjects related to health, disability and the environment, and chaired the information mission on Covid-19.

In his desire to open up and in the midst of seducing left-wing voters as the legislative elections approach, Emmanuel Macron could entrust the ministry to Bernard Jomier, a related socialist and who has long worn the colors of EELV.

“He is a general practitioner, who has solid expertise in health issues, and who has been very committed for years, underlines Dr. Marty.

He would make a good candidate."

Olivier Véran: Do we take the same one and start over?

Appointed Minister of Health at the start of the pandemic, he takes over from Agnès Buzyn and carries all the government's anti-Covid measures, from health restrictions to health passes and vaccination.

Little known to the general public before his appointment, Olivier Véran has established himself as one of the strong figures of the government.

However, “I would be surprised if he were renewed, he is “burnt” by the Covid-19, judge Dr Marty.

The pandemic is certainly not over, but keeping him in office would mean that we are still in the thick of the health crisis.

However, the Head of State must today give the sign that we are at the next stage”.

Aurélien Rousseau: Good management of the Covid crisis to his credit

Enarque, the senior civil servant, was entrusted in March 2018 by Agnès Buzyn with a mission to pilot consultation on human resources issues at the hospital.

A report that will serve as a framework for the “My Health 2022” plan.

In the summer, he was appointed Director General of the Île-de-France Regional Health Agency (ARS), and distinguished himself by his management of the Covid crisis in this region particularly affected by the pandemic, by taking a set measures to involve private hospitals, provide masks to caregivers and deploy a massive screening policy.

The quadra “did a good job, he was beating and voluntary and few ARS knew how to manage the health crisis as he did, greets Dr Marty.

His record makes him a good minister, but he should be in pairs with a caregiver.

Nicolas Revel: The serious candidate

Enarque and senior civil servant, Nicolas Revel distinguished himself in the field of health by ensuring the general management of the CNAMTS between 2014 and 2020, and has a well-stocked political CV.

Today director of the cabinet of the head of government Jean Castex, he was previously deputy secretary general of the presidency of the Republic under the five-year term of François Hollande, a mission which he exercises in tandem with a certain Emmanuel Macron.

“He has the same profile as Jean Castex, he is a great servant of the State, whose expertise covers the health system up to pensions, estimates Dr Marty.

He would make a good fuse”.


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