Ahlam's husband in the first response after hitting her: I'm sorry... The first year in which it is permissible to tighten!

Photo from the personal page via "Instagram", by Egyptian blogger Ahlam Adel

The news of the Egyptian blogger’s divorce, Ahlam Adel Sobhi, from Egyptian fashion designer Ahmed Al-Ajmi, about two months after their marriage, caused a sensation on social media, especially after the blogger published a video via the “Al-Asturi” feature, explaining that the reason for their separation was that he beat her while performing Umrah, saying: “I came back from Umrah, multiplied and divorced, because I found chapels for my fellow boys and girls.”

The clip aroused great interest from the pioneers of social networking sites, many of whom expressed sympathy with her.

After Ahlam went out to narrate the details, her husband came out through the communication sites as well, to respond to her and apologize to her for what happened, saying through a video: "Oh dreams, your right is higher, I am sorry and wrong about you. Dreams of tightening in Umrah, disagreement, intensity and time, and this was not necessary to happen at all, when we came back from Umrah, she made good and we were good, and then there was another disagreement, and I was upset and I remembered all that I had done.

Ahmed Al-Ajmi, Ahlam’s husband, added: “I hope you will not be upset with me and the world pleases and prays that our Lord will fix the situation, God willing. It is a first year in which tension and every need is permissible, and he is not in the nature and two families get to know each other, and we print on the nature of some and may God facilitate the world, we will go to a specialized person and I know.” How do we deal with each other and understand each other? We pray, may God guide us. The good word makes a difference.”

And the beginning, when Ahlam appeared, in a video that she posted on her Instagram account, in which she revealed the reason for her divorce, and commented on him by saying: “I came back from Umrah, multiplied and divorced, because I brought chapels for my fellow boys and girls,” adding: “Note, it was a chapel, not a drink.”

Some of the followers sympathized with Ahlam after the announcement of her divorce, as one of her followers said: “We can claim to Ahlam that our Lord makes it easy for her to feel any pain because she is going through one of the most difficult times that can come to a person in this world. His beast, and perhaps it is a test from our Lord, and he will transgress, God willing, and we are all beside you.”

While others saw that it could be a trick and invent a new story to increase interaction and fame, especially since the reason for divorce is unjustified from their point of view, and they want to focus attention on them and be the focus of everyone's attention.

With what opinion do you tend, is it a ploy to increase interaction and fame, or a real fact between a married couple?