When it comes to shakuhachi, many young people will think of Japan or the soundtrack of "Naruto". In fact, shakuhachi is something from China.

35-year-old Cao Hao is a guqin teacher in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, and a shakuhachi maker. According to Cao Hao, shakuhachi is a traditional Chinese musical instrument made of bamboo. The most prosperous, and later introduced to Japan. The "Puhua shakuhachi" he is now making originated from the Linji Temple in Zhengding, Shijiazhuang. "The traditional shakuhachi production attaches great importance to the 'talent' of bamboo.

"Cao Hao, who is adjusting and adjusting the diameter of the shakuba, said that the sound of the shakuhachi is desolate and vast, with an ethereal and tranquil artistic conception, so he has extremely high requirements for bamboo materials. In order to find bamboo materials that reproduce the "prosperous Tang sound", he has repeatedly Going to the bamboo forests in Guilin, Hangzhou and other places, "it's good luck to find 10 bamboos after turning over a mountain. Sometimes good bamboos may not be found, but wild boars are encountered." In order to let more people know about shakuhachi, in 2021, Cao Hao established the Shakuhachi workshop to teach people the skills of Shakuhachi for free. There are now more than 30 students, a large part of them are "post-90s". Every weekend, Cao Hao will take the students to the side of the spacious venue. Walking with big strides while playing shakuhachi improves qi. "In addition to practicing qi, playing shakuhachi can also exercise qi and spirit, and it can improve young people's lack of concentration and other problems.

"Cao Hao is good at playing shakuhachi. He believes that only if you can play shakuhachi can you know how to make, and if you can make and improve your performance, the two complement each other. "Although shakuhachi is gradually being recognized by more people, there are real difficulties.

"Cao Hao said that the traditional shakuhachi is currently very small in China and is still in the "awakening" stage. The picture shows Cao Hao playing shakuhachi outdoors on May 7. Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhai Yujia

Release time: 2022-05-10 16:58:49 【Editor: Cao Miaoxin】