A first since the start of the PPDA affair.

This Tuesday at 7 p.m., twenty women accusing the former presenter of sexual violence, will testify in a program broadcast in free access on Mediapart.

Among them, some will speak openly for the first time.

“They are between 28 and 63 years old and come from all over France, explains the investigative media in an article.

They are journalists, authors, but also store employees, teachers, business advisors, librarians.

Most did not know each other before the start of the affair.

Some met for the first time on our set.


"All have in common to have testified in the judicial inquiry against Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, who filed a complaint for" slanderous denunciation "against sixteen of them.

Eight of them denounced a rape, two when they were minors”, continues the media, specifying that “Mediapart considers that these facts are of public interest”.

The former presenter will not be present

Secondly, it is specified that Nonce Paolini, former CEO of TF1 where Patrick Poivre d'Arvor worked for many years, will speak "at length in front of the camera in our program to discuss the PPDA affair".

The former presenter will not be present on this show, having “not responded to [their] request for an interview under conditions similar to those offered to these women.

"Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, presumed innocent "contests any violence, sexual or not, against the women who accused him", according to his lawyer contacted by Mediapart.

Several legal investigations are underway,” the article adds.

A total of 17 complaints have been filed against the former JT presenter.

For its part, PPDA denies the accusations and has filed a complaint with civil action for slanderous denunciation against 16 women.


Sexual violence: A new woman files a rape complaint against PPDA


Sexual violence: PPDA files a complaint for "slanderous denunciation" against sixteen women

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