The red sky is causing panic in China.. a breathtaking video

Residents in the coastal city of Zhoushan, eastern China, were stunned and terrified, after the sky turned red for a short period of time, which some attributed to a fire or a strange weather phenomenon.

According to foreign media, officials in the region stated that no fire had been reported, while videos and photos were spread on social media showing the sky in crimson red, according to Al-Hurra channel.

Meteorologists in China tried to explain the phenomenon, and expected that the scarlet red color came from lights reflected from local boats on low clouds in the region, and the Chinese Global Times quoted experts as saying that the weather in the coastal city of Zhoushan was ideal for the phenomenon of light reflection, as the sky was Cloudy with water mist in the air, which led to the appearance of the red color of the sky, which caused panic among the people of the city for a short time.

Meteorologists stressed that there is no geomagnetic or solar activity that could be a possible reason why the sky of Zhoushan City turned red.

On the evening of 5.7, in Zhoushan, Zhejiang, the sky was blood red

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