How many deceptive QR code advertisements are on the express box

   False propaganda induces downloads to violate privacy

  □ Zhang Shoukun, a trainee reporter of this newspaper

  □ Our reporter Chen Lei

  "19 yuan to recharge 100 yuan for phone bills." Not long ago, Mr. Wang, a citizen of Tianjin, found this two-dimensional code advertisement on the express box he received.

He thought it was a good deal. He scanned the code and paid 19 yuan according to the advertising instructions. As a result, he did not recharge the phone bill at all, but showed that he had opened a certain App membership.

  Mr. Wang told his friends about his experience and found that many people have encountered the QR code trap on the express box - some did not get the corresponding discount after recharging, and some did not get the corresponding discount after downloading a bunch of apps. prize.

  Recently, a reporter from the Rule of Law Daily visited several express delivery sites in Hedong District, Tianjin, and randomly selected 30 express parcels to see, of which about 40% of the express parcels were printed with QR code advertisements, including: "Tian Da The secret! Scan to get 100 yuan", "Don't open it first! Scan the code to receive a large cash red envelope", "Don't throw it away! Scan the code for 1 yuan to get a mobile phone" and so on.

  Can I really get benefits by scanning these QR codes?

  After the reporter scanned the QR code of "Scan now, a barrel of oil will be randomly rewarded" on the express delivery, a page popped up on the screen of the mobile phone, which said that various welfare prizes such as cigarettes, alcohol, and tablet computers were drawn. Pay the courier fee to have it delivered to your home.

  "Don't scan, it's a lie!" The staff at the express delivery station on the side reminded the reporter when he saw the reporter scanning the QR code. He said that some residents scanned the code to pay the express fee and filled in the address and did not receive any prizes at all.

"These QR code advertisements are there when they are sent, and I don't know who posted them."

  A nearby resident told reporters that they had seen a QR code advertisement posted on the express delivery with "Receive a mobile phone number". They scanned the code to enter the number selection interface, filled in the identity information and paid the corresponding fee according to the order process, but the result has not been received. When trying to communicate with related couriers, it was found that the contact information left by the other party was false.

  There is also a QR code advertisement for "playing games to withdraw cash". The reporter scans the code to enter the game interface. After playing 10 levels, he is prompted to get 5 yuan, but if he wants to withdraw cash, he has to pass 30 levels. Yuan can be withdrawn...and users have to constantly watch various advertisements in the process.

  On the third-party complaint platform, many netizens said that some QR code advertisements on express delivery contained "rogue software". After scanning the code, they found that the content did not match the advertisements. They clicked the "Exit" button, but they still automatically downloaded a bunch of useless software. App.

  According to public data, my country's express delivery business volume will reach 108.5 billion pieces in 2021, supporting online retail sales of nearly 11 trillion yuan.

The Anhui Provincial Consumer Protection Commission recently tested, counted and analyzed 1,111 express delivery samples and found that 674 samples contained QR code advertisements, accounting for 60.67%.

Among them, the advertisement that appeared the most was a platform's "Receive cash every day and make money in seconds" activity, accounting for 39.32%.

  So, who posted the QR code advertisements on these couriers?

  An industry insider who is responsible for placing express order advertisements told reporters that they have cooperated with e-commerce platforms and express delivery companies. Merchants can directly type out express orders with additional advertisements through the system, which can be placed according to different nodes and activity areas. One day Up to 50,000 copies can be guaranteed.

There is also an offline express single advertisement placement business, that is, it is pasted on the express package through the sticker, or even a single page can be placed inside the express.

As for which advertisements are placed, "as long as it is not illegal, there is no audit."

  Many consumers complained that they negotiated with the courier company after being deceived.

In this regard, Zhai Dongwei, a lawyer from Guangdong Yingzun Law Firm, believes that the express company has the responsibility and obligation to review the advertising content on the express delivery order to ensure that it does not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

  "The reason why there are advertisements on express parcels is that there is a high probability that the express delivery company has a contractual relationship with the advertising operator. According to the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law, consumers who use false advertisements or other false publicity methods to provide goods or services, If their legitimate rights and interests are damaged, they can claim compensation from the operator. If the advertising operator or publisher publishes false advertisements, the consumer can request the competent administrative department to punish them. The advertising operator and publisher cannot provide the real name and address of the operator. If there is no valid contact information, it shall bear the liability for compensation, etc., advertisers shall compensate consumers who have suffered damage, and express companies shall bear joint and several liability for compensation." Zhai Weidong said.

  How to avoid the trap of express single advertisement?

  Zhai Weidong said that the "Measures for the Administration of Printed Matters Advertising" stipulates that the publication of printed matter advertisements requires the business scope of agency and publication of printed matter advertisements.

If the express company still publishes the advertisement knowing that the content of the advertisement is illegal, the administration for industry and commerce may confiscate the advertisement fee and impose a fine on it.

  "For consumers, if they cause losses due to the false propaganda of the advertisement, they can file a civil lawsuit against the advertiser to claim compensation for the losses. Of course, they can also ask the advertiser express company to bear joint and several liability for compensation." Zhai Weidong said.

  The Anhui Provincial Consumer Protection Commission and other relevant departments and express companies also reminded that the "free lottery", "to be collected", "one yuan lottery" and other benefits in the express bill advertisements cannot ensure authenticity and safety. Consumers see this. Be cautious after advertising like this, and don't scan the code easily.