A company officer living in Tokyo was arrested and prosecuted for smuggling about 2 kg of cocaine, worth 40 million yen at the end, hidden in a children's book from Narita Airport.

The person who was arrested and charged was Harumi Miyauchi (59), a corporate officer in Nerima Ward, Tokyo.

According to customs and police, on the 15th of last month, about 2 kg of cocaine, equivalent to 40 million yen at the terminal price, was smuggled from UAE = United Arab Emirates to Narita Airport via Ethiopia, and it was accused of violating the drug control law. I have been asked.

When I checked two books for children at the airport baggage inspection, I found that the front and back covers were bulging to a thickness of about 1 cm, and cocaine was found in them.

According to customs, "I was handed a rucksack containing two books as a souvenir from a foreigner at a hotel in Dubai."

Customs and police are investigating access routes, suspected of involving international smuggling organizations.