Last month, a 30-year-old suspect was arrested on suspicion of obscenity for tearing a woman's trousers and touching her body with something like a knife on the JR Musashino Line train.

The person who was arrested was a self-proclaimed part-time job, Honor Yabe (30), in Hanamigawa Ward, Chiba City.

According to police, on the 13th of last month, on the train between Nishi-Funabashi Station and Shin-Urayasu Station on the JR Musashino Line, a 20-year-old woman was suspected of being obscene by tearing her pants and touching her body with something like a knife. Has been held.

She felt that the woman had touched her body during the morning commute, and she noticed that she had her pants cut after getting off the train.

There was no injury.

The suspect was also arrested and charged in February for committing a similar obscene act against another woman on the Musashino Line train, and police were also investigating the remaining charges. ..

In response to the investigation, he said, "I think there is no mistake, but I can't remember immediately."