From "anti-fraud police officer Lao Chen" to "ordinary person Lao Chen" resigned to avoid Internet violence, but there is no shortage of Internet violence

  By May 8, it had been a full month since the "anti-fraud police officer Lao Chen" resigned.

  "Lao Chen" is actually not old. He is only 45 years old this year, but he likes to be called "Old Chen" by others: "Older, more mature, and more grounded."

  "Old Chen", whose real name is Chen Guoping, was an anti-fraud policeman in the Haigang Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province before his resignation.

  In September last year, "Anti-fraud Police Officer Lao Chen" promoted anti-fraud with a number of anchors through a live webcast, and quickly became a hot searcher with the opening remarks "Hello, I am an anti-fraud anchor, may I ask what anchor are you?" Topics list.

  In the live broadcast, Lao Chen has always been a "top stream" existence.

"Have you downloaded the National Anti-Fraud Center App?" In the live broadcast room, the "anti-fraud police officer Lao Chen" dressed in police uniform and upright at the time sent out "soul torture" to the anchors.

It was originally a "serious" anti-fraud propaganda, because the contrast between the police and the Internet celebrity anchor was too stark, and the "anti-fraud police officer Lao Chen" became popular.

The data shows that the account of "Anti-fraud Police Officer Lao Chen" has increased by 1.81 million followers in a single day, and on Douyin, Lao Chen has 5.771 million followers.

  After interacting with many Douyin anchors, the National Anti-Fraud Center App continued to maintain the number one download.

  However, on April 8 this year, Lao Chen officially resigned from the Seaport Branch of Qinhuangdao Public Security Bureau.

"It's mainly because the traffic was too high before, and I felt on the cusp of the storm. If I said something inappropriate, it would cause trouble to the unit, so I wanted to resign." Lao Chen said that after resigning, he would not take away the "anti-fraud police officer old". Chen"'s account, he intends to do public welfare in his personal capacity.

  This is not the first time that Lao Chen has been plagued by public opinion.

As early as September 8 last year, Lao Chen posted a farewell video in the circle of friends, announcing that all live broadcasts would be stopped, and the reason for the suspension was also the pressure brought by online live broadcasts.

  In the month after resigning, Lao Chen read, slept, and drank tea. Unlike the noise on the Internet, Lao Chen was actually a bit "boring" in his life. He could stay at home for a whole day, no less Lou, did not speak much.

  "I used to do live broadcasts in my spare time after get off work. I was too tired. My throat was hoarse and my eyes were red. I had problems with my lumbar and cervical spine, and my body was exhausted. I don't have to go to work now, and it's good to take a break. Good." Lao Chen thought about it for a while, and added, "If you don't read those comments on the Internet, life is still very good."

  However, after resigning due to the Internet violence, Lao Chen did not get the cleanliness he imagined: on the contrary, various public opinions on the Internet were like a net, which tightly bound him, even after doing many psychological constructions, Lao Chen Still can't get used to it.

  A few days ago, the reporter talked to Lao Chen and chatted with him about his life as an "ordinary person" Lao Chen this month after taking off the police uniform.

  The following is Chen Guoping's self-report.

abuse on the internet

  tried hard not to see

  The main reason for resigning a month ago was actually cyber violence.

Because of my special status as a police officer, after I became popular on the Internet, I was attacked a lot, and some people went to the unit to report it.

Considering that I have caused a lot of trouble to the unit and organization, I decided to resign at the end of March this year.

  There was no fire in the past, and people didn't pay much attention to me. Now it's hot, and every sentence and every word must be studied. If I make a mistake, the risk will increase.

  Maybe I said a sentence wrong, or my own understanding of something is different from that of netizens, which will lead to some negative effects.

I feel that I am always on the cusp of the storm and the pressure is very high, so I want to simply resign and take responsibility for myself in the future.

As an ordinary person, I want to continue to cooperate with public welfare organizations in anti-fraud and public welfare promotion.

Do what you can to help those in need.

  Unexpectedly, I took off the uniform of the police, and I would still be attacked by the Internet.

As an ordinary person, Internet violence has not decreased at all.

  I feel that some people on the Internet are chasing me every day, chasing comments every time, and saying all kinds of ugly things.

Especially some marketing accounts, the things they post have not been interviewed or verified, but many people believe them nonsense.

  Later I heard that they were just chasing the popularity, deliberately posting some false things to attract attention, and then "fattening" this account before selling it. I don't know if this statement is true or not, but I hope everyone Before paying attention to some video accounts, public accounts, and listening to some so-called "big V" voices, you should also pay attention to distinguishing, and don't let them bring rhythm and emotions at will.

  I tried hard not to look at these abuses on the Internet, but sometimes I looked at them twice, and my mood was also affected.

  For example, when I turned on my phone in the morning, there were a lot of @me and private messages in the background, I was really speechless.

A few days when I was very busy, I insisted on not looking at my phone, and I was in a good mood.

But at home, sometimes I can't help but look at these comments and private messages, and I feel very angry, but I can't scold me back, I can't lose my temper, I can only feel uncomfortable in my heart.

  There are a lot of swear words, and there are even bloggers who say that "I used to have a halo on my head, but now I'm a jerk." How can I be a jerk?

  There's something I've never been able to figure out.

When I resigned, I planned to do charity work, but when I said this, it was like poking a hornet's nest.

Some people think that my charity work is a scam.

I don't know whose cake I moved.

I don't even dare to talk about doing public welfare now, because I've been scolded so badly, it's like I've made a big mistake.

I don't dare to speak now, as if nothing I say is right.

I can't figure out how to do this.

  I also often persuade myself that if you can't change the environment, you can only adapt.

As long as the things you do are not against the law, against the law, and against the law, you are worthy of your conscience.

 All proceeds from the live broadcast will be donated

  I really don't make any money

  Different from the official account "Anti-Fraud Police Officer Lao Chen" opened by the unit, I also have a personal account - "Lao Chen Life Account", which not only has anti-fraud publicity, but also public welfare publicity and some life-related chat videos.

  Before resigning, I used the "Old Chen Life Account" to participate in the public welfare live broadcast. When I was PKing with Mai, a mysterious netizen presented 333 carnival gifts in succession, with a total value of nearly one million yuan.

I announced at the time that all the proceeds were donated and uploaded the donation certificate.

  All my live broadcasts, the proceeds are completely donated, and they have been publicized, so they are clear and can withstand investigation.

And I was a police officer before, as a public official, how could I possibly embezzle this money?

Even if I have the will, as long as I dare to touch the money, I will definitely be arrested. This is a very simple logic problem.

  My son is ten years old this year. A few days ago he asked me: Dad, have you made any money?

Why don't you take your money home?

  I said I didn't make money, my son said, you don't make money, why do people say that about you.

  I can say that I am currently the "poorest" influencer on the Internet.

To be honest, I didn't make any money through the live broadcast, but instead made a lot of money.

  Because after I became famous, many people came to me for help, and I put some money into it myself.

There was a veteran who was deceived into pyramid schemes, and I lent him money; there was another college student in difficulty who had no living expenses, so I transferred the money to him, and now the IOU from this college student is still with me.

  As a grass-roots case-handling police officer, my main job before was to solve cases, and I usually went to work normally, because telecom fraud was generally not local. Basically, 365 days a year, I was away on business for more than 200 days.

Therefore, it is usually broadcast live in spare time such as Fridays and weekends.

  There is no fixed time for our live broadcast. Usually, a live broadcast usually takes 3 hours.

The live broadcast is a publicity work, which is carried out in the spare time after get off work.

I put almost all of my spare time into it.

  I can pat my chest and say that I have a clear conscience in my work before, and I can proudly say that as a police officer, I served the people quite a bit.

One month after resignation

  The heat has not dropped

  When I resigned, I felt that without the identity of the police, there would be no halo, and a lot would be lost.

However, it is relatively convenient to do things, and there is no need to worry about causing trouble to the unit.

I don't think it's a pity to resign either, because I was coerced by traffic before.

  I don't think I can resist spraying right now.

Earning money is actually a very honorable thing. It is not easy to make money. If you don’t make money, do you rely on social welfare assistance?

To earn money, you need to work hard. After earning money, you can pay taxes. Taxes can help more people.

  I feel like I'm guilty of making money. Sometimes I get scolded and get angry, and I think, when I'm free and in a good mood, I'll really make money, what's wrong with my money?

I think I will give back more to the society and help others when I can.

  I'm almost 50 years old, even if I spend money to enjoy it, what else can I enjoy?

  When I quit my job, many people said to me, "Do you think it's you who's hot? It's your police clothes. Without this clothes, you are nothing."

They felt that without my identity as a police officer, I would lose my popularity.

  Some people say don't think that you are very powerful, in fact, these are brought by the platform.

I think the platform has a role, and individuals have to work hard, why is the platform the same, but not everyone is popular?

  After resigning, I started live streaming three times.

The first time was to chat with everyone, to talk about the reasons for resignation and future plans; the second time was to make a joke with everyone; the third time was also a joke.

  Before the resignation, there were 10,000 or 20,000 people in the live broadcast room. Now there are about 50,000 people in the live broadcast room, and at most, 180,000 people are online at the same time.

After all, what I do is worthy of my conscience.

  To be honest, why I live less is because I haven't found good content.

My identity has changed and I'm no longer a police officer, so I can't live stream the way I used to, and no one will watch it.

  My feeling is that the Internet is still king, and everything else is fake.

However, I recently had a whim, and wanted to record my experience in the new live broadcast content, that is, how many days have I become a freelancer, but this is still an idea and has not been practiced yet.

 Even if it doesn't fire

  I feel normal too

  There were also live broadcast agencies who came to me and wanted to sign a contract, but I refused.

Because most of them are profit-oriented, and some companies have found me through headhunters before, with an annual salary of several million recruits, I also refused.

Because I am an anti-fraud, and I firmly believe in the truth that if you buy something without selling it, there will be no pie in the sky.

Giving me this treatment means that I will bring more benefits to them.

  I said forget it, I'll just be myself, just be old Chen.

  Many people think that my fire is a very sudden and accidental thing, but it is not, because I have accumulated many years of case handling before connecting to the Internet, and I know what content is dry.

  At present, my life is not a problem. I also give lectures to some institutions and enterprises. Some of them have fees, and some are for public welfare. It mainly depends on whether the other party has such funds. These can basically guarantee my life.

  I am very grateful to my family. My daughter-in-law never puts pressure on me. Even if she has an opinion, she will not say anything because she thinks that I am under enough pressure now.

My daughter-in-law said if she wants to resign, she can quit. If it doesn't work, let's sell the house and go back to my hometown.

However, as a man, I also have to take care of the family life, after all, we still have a mortgage.

  Will there always be Lao Chen's traffic and popularity in the future?

I feel like it comes naturally.

  When I started making anti-fraud videos, I didn’t think much about it, and now I don’t think much about it.

Even if there is no traffic in the future, I feel normal.

  In the future, I will slowly find something suitable for me. Maybe the traffic will not be very large, but it will not be very bad.

  I am a stubborn person, and I have encountered many difficulties in the past.

When I started to get in touch with video, I didn’t know anything, and I also encountered a lot of rumors. I persevered.

It's difficult now, but the foundation is good.

People still have to challenge themselves, what is the meaning of life?

I think life experience is the most valuable.

  Even if it doesn't fire in the future, I'm still content.

  Chief reporter Guo Chunyu