Actor Kang Su-yeon passed away on the 7th at the age of 56, and the story of the deceased, who had always been a reliable senior to his acquaintances, was released belatedly.

Her announcer Yoon Young-mi paid tribute to her Kang Su-yeon by telling her "the story I heard from the owner of my regular house" through her social media on the 7th.

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Yoon Young-mi said, "The restaurant where she often came to drink was due to the rainy season, and the boiler broke. He paid a tribute to him," he said, telling the heartwarming anecdote of the deceased.

Then, Yoon Young-mi said, "From what she heard, she was also in a position to support her family, who came from her poor circumstances at the time. She is a great and great actress, but a lonely woman. Kang Su-yeon, I mourn for her."

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Broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon also posted a tribute on his SNS yesterday (8th) saying, "I was very lucky. I got to know Soo-yeon noona not long after I set foot in the entertainment industry."

Hong Seok-cheon said, "'(Soo-yeon's sister) Seok-cheon-ah, you're so good the way you are' that cheering gave me a lot of strength. 'You're the prettiest among the women I know' I said that. He said, 'Seokcheon is good at speaking well' and laughed softly. Every time I went to the Busan Film Festival, I couldn't see the smile of my older sister who said, 'You dressed so nicely today. Thank you for coming'."

Then he remembered Kang Su-yeon, saying, "I'd like to call you more often, ask you to come out to eat something delicious, don't make it difficult. I'm sorry I didn't even know you were sick."

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When the news of Kang Su-yeon's passing was reported, an anonymous netizen who appeared as an extra in Kang Su-yeon's past appearances in a comment window on a portal site shared another anecdote.

The netizen said, "When I appeared as an extra in 'Women's World' in 2001, I played the role of Kang Su-yeon's 'Nan-jeong'. I can't forget it. I still have good memories of how happy I was after work."

Kang Su-yeon was recently cast as the main character in director Yeon Sang-ho's Netflix original movie 'Jung-i', and was in the process of post-production after finishing filming in January.

In an interview with a media outlet, Yeon Sang-ho said, "About three weeks ago (Kang Su-yeon) senior came to the editing room for additional recording after filming, but it was the last meeting. You were there," he said sadly.

'Jungi', which became Kang Su-yeon's last work, is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year.

(Photo = Funeral Committee for the late actor Kang Su-yeon, Yoon Young-mi and Hong Seok-cheon Instagram, Naver, drama 'Woman in Heaven' still cut)


(SBS Entertainment News editor Jeon Min-jae)