China News Service, Hong Kong, May 9 (Reporter Suo Youwei) The election of the sixth chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ended on May 8. All sectors of Hong Kong have issued statements on the Li family's super-voted sixth chief executive candidate, saying that the high vote rate It fully reflects the wide recognition and ardent expectations of Li Jiachao and his political platform from all walks of life in Hong Kong.

  The Hong Kong Restart Alliance wrote in its statement: This election is an important democratic election in the Hong Kong SAR under the improvement of the electoral system. The entire election is in accordance with laws and regulations, and is fair and just.

The high rate of votes fully reflects the broad recognition and fervent expectations of Li Jiachao and his political platform from all walks of life in Hong Kong.

It is hoped that Li Jiachao will comprehensively strengthen the government's governance capacity, improve administrative efficiency, build a caring and inclusive society, and meet the needs of the people under the people-oriented concept of "taking results as the goal", comprehensively enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness, and solve various problems as soon as possible This is a difficult obstacle that has long plagued the development of Hong Kong.

  The Hong Kong Restart Alliance stated that this year marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland. It is believed that Li Jiachao will live up to expectations, unite and lead the SAR government and all Hong Kong citizens, adhere to the comprehensive and accurate implementation of the "one country, two systems" policy, and join hands in a new journey of "governance and prosperity" , to jointly open a new chapter in Hong Kong's development.

  The Hong Kong Federation of Educators said that this election is the first chief executive election after the improvement of the electoral system, and it is of great significance.

It is hoped that the new government will attach importance to education, implement the educational program announced earlier, and be willing to invest more resources to improve the quality of education.

At the same time, it listens extensively to the opinions of the education sector, so as to unite the industry, build consensus, and jointly make long-term plans for Hong Kong education.

  The Hong Kong Guangzhou Association of Societies said that Li Jiachao's success in being elected can be described as what people want. He believes that in the future, he will be a practical governance team for the people, implement new deployments, focus on new goals, focus on "thinking to do things", and show courage in " Dare to do things", show the ability in "being able to do things", implement the goal in "doing things", solve people's hardships, resolve people's worries, and gather people's hearts with heart and mind, and lead Hong Kong to seek progress while maintaining stability, and make innovations.

  Hong Kong Lion Rock Literature and Art Association said that the Li family's super-voted election is a true expectation. The calligraphers and painters, like the general public, hope that with the establishment of the new SAR government, good governance will be implemented, the urgent people's livelihood problems will be solved in accordance with the law, and Hong Kong will be actively built. Become a Chinese and foreign cultural and artistic exchange center.

  The Hunan Youth Association of Hong Kong issued a statement saying that Li Jiachao has served as a government official for more than 40 years. During his candidacy, he visited social organizations extensively, visited grassroots citizens, and listened to their opinions. The election platform, including the outline, has been widely recognized by all parties.

The association believes that Li Jiachao will lead the new SAR government, unite all sectors of society, promote the coordinated development of economy, politics, society and culture, and open a new chapter in Hong Kong's "governance and prosperity".