May is the perfect weather to say that it is the queen of the seasons.

The air was clean and the sky was clear.

Tomorrow (the 10th), the temperature will rise significantly to around 25 degrees, centering on the western inland including Seoul.

On the other hand, the eastern area will be relatively cool around 20 degrees.

Unlike today, which was sunny, tomorrow's sky will be cloudy from daytime.

Also, from night on, it will rain a little bit on Jeju Island.

Still, the air quality tomorrow will be as clean as today, and strong winds will blow over the southern coast and Jeju Island until tomorrow morning.

You must be careful about safety accidents.

Tomorrow too, the morning temperature will start around 10 degrees, and the daytime temperature in Seoul will be 24 degrees and the daily temperature difference will widen to 25 degrees in Gwangju.

Cloudy weather is expected for a while.

(Meteorological Caster Nam Yu-jin)