[Explanation] On May 7, at the Nanfan Public Test Base in Yazhou District (Batou), Sanya, Hainan, several tourists took pictures in the rice fields of the hybrid rice double-cropping demonstration site with a yield of 1,500 kg per mu.

On the previous day, the early rice yield of the demonstration site was 910 kilograms.

This not only makes tourists happy, but also gives scientific researchers full confidence to achieve the goal of producing 1,500 kg per mu in two seasons this year.

  [Concurrent] Tu Shengbin, associate researcher at Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  This year, our double-season yield per mu is 3,000 kilograms, which once again reached our academician Yuan’s target of 900 kilograms of rice (rice), and this year’s yield is 910 kilograms.

We believe that the technical maturity, including our repeatability, should be said that whether it was last year's situation or some low-temperature conditions this year, we also reached the goal of over 900 (kg).

In other words, it shows the stability of our varieties, technologies, improved seeds, and good methods.

  [Explanation] It is understood that in December 2020, the launch meeting of the hybrid rice double-cropping 1500 kg per mu research demonstration project was held in Sanya, and a research leading group with Yuan Longping as the chief scientist was established.

In the same test and demonstration site, the target output is achieved for two consecutive years to be considered successful.

In 2021, the average yield per mu of double-cropping rice at the Nanfan Public Test Base in Yazhou District (Batou) has reached 1,586.86 kg.

  Looking at the golden ears of rice, Nanfan research workers said that Mr. Yuan Longping had passed away for nearly a year, but his down-to-earth, truth-seeking and pragmatic spiritual quality has always affected him.

I want to be like him and write "thesis on the ground".

  [Concurrent] Ji Zhandong, Technician, Sanya Nanfan Research Institute, Hainan University

  I think the most important qualities of Mr. Yuan are down-to-earth, truth-seeking and pragmatic. For all experimenters (workers), we need to be realistic and pragmatic, and use the most realistic experimental results to see what level of scientific research has reached.

At what stage are we achieving breeding results?

On this basis, we will further search for problems, find problems, and improve our new varieties.

  [Concurrent] Tu Shengbin, associate researcher at Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  Mr. Yuan is also a role model and role model for our agricultural science and technology circles. He devoted himself to working in the fields.

We must also write our "papers on the ground" like the older generation of scientists.

  [Same period] Chen Can, head of the Batou Demonstration Site of the Hybrid Rice Double Season Project with a Yield of 3,000 catties/mu

  In the middle of agriculture, Mr. Yuan brought us everyone's attention to agriculture and food security.

At the same time, his influence is outside, because through the name card of Chinese hybrid rice, they have come to know our Chinese food and Chinese agriculture.

  Reporter Li Yufan Wang Xiaobin reported from Sanya, Hainan

Responsible editor: [Wang Kai]