In the footsteps of Treasure Island, an American finds a "colossal" thing under the carpet of his deceased grandparents

A man residing in the state of Tennessee, in the United States of America, found a treasure hidden in an underground safe, which he discovered while he was inspecting the house of his deceased grandparents.

According to the story that the man detailed on his Reddit page, EvilEnglish, as he calls himself, stumbled upon a giant safe hidden under an old carpet, in a wall cupboard, when he inspected his grandparents' house after their death.

The man, who inherited the house from his grandparents, doubted the possibility of a safe of this type, due to his grandfather's interest in collecting ancient coins and antique firearms.

Although the grandparents left everything that seemed to be in their possession to the grandchildren and children, the discovery of the safe indicated that they may have preferred to keep the life harvest a secret until their departure.

A blacksmith was hired from the area to open the safe, as the latter spent hours in this difficult process, to finally open the iron door.

The family found many boxes containing coins, in very large quantities, some dating back to 1937, which did not have space for them, so they were distributed on several shelves.

 They also found bundles of paper money of dollars, some of which were exposed to extreme humidity, and bundles of coins, some of them wrapped in plastic, as well as silver dollar bills, and silver ingots, in addition to a box that, when opened, turned out to contain grandmother's jewelry, some of which are very old.

The man commented on what happened with him, that he always listened to his grandfather when he was young while he read him the book "Treasure Island", noting that he had always dreamed of "finding something like this" and therefore "this discovery seems more than appropriate."

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