This was the first long holiday in three years with no restrictions on activities, but on the 8th of the last day, at Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station on the Hokkaido Shinkansen, people spending consecutive holidays in their hometowns and resorts and heading toward Tokyo. It was seen.

On the 8th of the last day of the Golden Week holidays, at Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station in Hokuto City, we saw people heading toward Tokyo from their homecoming destinations and resorts with large luggage.

Of these, families and others boarded the Shinkansen, which departed before 1:00 pm, one after another, and regretted parting with the people who came to see them off.

A 6th grade girl who was returning home from Yamagata prefecture with her family to meet her grandparents living in Hakodate said, "I helped make breakfast at home and bought souvenirs at the roadside station." I was there.

A 25-year-old woman from Tokyo, who was returning to her parents' house in Hakodate, said, "I was able to relax at home during the Golden Week holidays, so I was tired."

According to JR Hokkaido, the peak of the U-turn on the Hokkaido Shinkansen is on the 5th of this month, and on the 8th there is no noticeable congestion on the Shinkansen heading for Tokyo from Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station.