China News Service, Chengdu, May 8 (Reporter Yue Yitong Yang Yong) China Earthquake Networks officially determined that an earthquake of magnitude 4.1 occurred in Beichuan County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province at 19:59 on May 8, with the epicenter at 31.89 degrees north latitude and 104.46 east longitude. degrees, the focal depth is 8 km.

As of press time, no reports of casualties and property damage have been received locally.

  "The shaking of this earthquake was relatively slight, and it didn't last long, so I wasn't afraid at all." Chen Yong, a resident of Beichuan, told reporters that at present, everyone's life is as usual and has not been affected.

  It is understood that the earthquake was felt in Mianyang Jiangyou, Youxian, Zitong, Pingwu, Guangyuan Qingchuan, and Gansu Longnan.

Weibo netizen "Xu Ranran Xu Mumu" left a message saying, "Pingwu felt a strong earthquake, and the sofa was shaking."

  The relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of Beichuan County Party Committee said that the local area has not received reports of casualties and property losses, and relevant departments are carrying out information investigation and disaster prevention and mitigation work in an orderly manner.

  According to the quick report catalogue of China Earthquake Networks, there have been 134 earthquakes of magnitude 3 or above within 200 kilometers from the epicenter in the past five years. 158 kilometers away from the epicenter.

  It is reported that Beichuan is located in the northwest of the Sichuan Basin. The whole territory is full of mountains, belonging to the Minshan Mountains and the Longmen Mountains. It is the only Qiang Autonomous County in China.