News from this newspaper (photographed by reporter Zhai Zhipeng) Recently, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts launched the "Immersive Interactive Drama SHOW" at the school's art gallery. The digital image of the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang is constructed in the form of "technology + art", and the past events of the Mogao Grottoes are reproduced.

  This activity originated from the research results of the project "The Hall of Frightening Hong Kong - Immersive Reproduction and Dissemination of Dunhuang Art".

The project was approved by the National Art Fund Communication and Promotion Project and the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Research Youth Fund Project, which was launched in 2018.

With the strong support of Dunhuang Academy, China Dunhuang Grottoes Conservation Research Foundation, Tianjin Museum and other units, the teachers and students of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts went to Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes to conduct field surveys, created a large number of video content, and formed certain theoretical results.

In 2020, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and industry-university-research cooperation units jointly launched an immersive video exhibition on the subject.

This event selected some of the results of the immersive video exhibition, built a virtual reality exhibition hall at the exhibition site, and projected the flowing Dunhuang images on the three-dimensional space.

  Combined with the virtual reality exhibition hall, the teachers and students of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts created the interactive drama "The Hall of Jinghong - Encountering the Oldest Grottoes of Mogao Grottoes", which was performed 8 times in the exhibition hall on the 5th and 6th, including 12:00 on the 6th. The performance was broadcast live on the WeChat platform, attracting more than 2,000 people to watch.

The play begins with a dialogue between Taoist priest Wang Yuanlu and a student in the new era through time and space. It tells that the Mogao Grottoes have been looted and wars, and they have received unprecedented protection after the founding of New China. Several generations of scholars such as Chang Shuhong and Fan Jinshi have worked hard A lot of conservation and research work has been done.

The storyline and the moving images in the exhibition hall succinctly and profoundly reflect the excavation and research of Dunhuang culture in my country in the past 100 years.

The event also presented the first digital holographic presentation of the Dunhuang scriptures in the Tianjin Museum.

  Salim, one of the actors in the play and a Nigerian student from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, said: "This is the first time I have come into contact with Dunhuang culture. China not only has a splendid traditional culture, but also has an eye-catching rapid development in various fields today. Tell the story of Dunhuang in a way.” He said that he would share his experience of participating in the performance and his understanding of Dunhuang culture with friends from the motherland and other countries.

  This event and the project leader of "The Hall of Astonishment - Immersive Reproduction and Dissemination of Dunhuang Art", Jiang Ni, associate professor of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, introduced that from the launch of the project to the launch of immersive interactive drama, a total of four students from the school participated in it.

The students not only enhanced their knowledge and understanding of Dunhuang culture, but also strengthened their cultural self-confidence and consciously shouldered the responsibility of inheriting the excellent traditional culture.

Jiang Ni said that recording and expressing traditional culture in a technological and futuristic way is a major development trend in the industry. The digital work of Dunhuang culture in my country is at the forefront of the world. And the latest research results are passed on to young students and society.