Serena Williams has decided to take tennis lessons to her daughter Alexis Olympia, now aged four and a half.

And if the champion took care not to reveal her identity to the coach so that her status did not weigh on her daughter, the coach was quick to discover the truth.

Indeed, Serena Williams could not help but post images of her child in action on Instagram.

But it remains to be wondered why the star of the tennis courts did not choose to teach her sport herself to her offspring.


By her own admission, Serena Williams absolutely does not have the patience to coach her daughter.

“I don't really like playing tennis with people who don't know how to play well.

It makes me crazy.

So I was like, “I can't.

I don't have the patience for that.”

So I signed her up for a private lesson,” she explained on the

Ellen DeGeneres Show

set .

Especially since the champion can't help but weigh her competitive spirit on her daughter's performance!

“She is doing well.

But I saw four-year-olds who could beat her,” she concluded.


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