[Concurrent] Zhang Chunyi, manager of Beijing Haidilao store

  This one is for rice, and the other is for basa fish. These are two meat dishes.

There is one for spare ribs, and two for vegetarian dishes.

  [Explanation] The person in the picture who is arranging the clerk to pack the lunch is the store manager of a Haidilao restaurant in Beijing.

After Beijing issued anti-epidemic measures, requiring Beijing catering business units to continue to suspend dine-in services, the store launched boxed lunches.

What is the response of the hot pot restaurant's cross-border business of box lunches?

On May 5, the reporter walked into the store. The staff told the reporter that the store is still operating normally. Not only has the sales channels increased, but the newly launched lunch box has also been well received by customers.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Chunyi, manager of Beijing Haidilao store

  Although dine-in is closed, our online service is not.

There is our own "Hi Laosong" platform online, and a "Laodianhaobao" platform. In fact, we also have a third party (platform), Ele.me, and then Meituan. These platforms are There are open.

Now we have introduced a lunch box. We have two meat and one vegetarian meal for 35 (yuan), and then if there is one meat and two vegetarian meals, it is 22 (yuan).

  [Explanation] The staff said that Haidilao, as a hot pot brand, did not plan to do takeaway lunches at the beginning. In the face of the test of the epidemic, the merchants also actively changed their sales ideas and promoted product upgrades.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Chunyi, manager of Beijing Haidilao store

  I really never thought about (selling boxed lunches) before, but the company has gradually gained some experience, and the recognition of customers is relatively high. We try our best to present our delicacies in front of customers.

  [Explanation] Although the "pause button" was pressed for offline dine-in in Beijing, Beijing catering people have started to save themselves.

In addition to increasing the style of meals, some restaurants also put display cabinets at the entrance and open take-out windows.

  [Concurrent] Tao Ran, Deputy Manager of Ma Kai Restaurant

  After banning dine-in, our restaurant mainly adjusted its business direction to online.

In addition, we have added window (takeaway) varieties, and set up two display cabinets at the entrance of the restaurant, mainly for nearby residents.

It is obvious that especially our two newly opened windows have more customers to buy, which can also make up for the loss of our dine-in.

  [Explanation] The reporter saw at the door of the restaurant that in less than 5 minutes, 5 or 6 food deliverymen came to pick up the meals.

A delivery man told reporters that the number of takeaway orders increased significantly after the ban on dine-in.

  【Concurrent】Meal delivery person

  After banning dine-in, obviously the list has increased a little, and you can make more money when you are tired.

  [Explanation] What are the countermeasures for platforms with increased takeaway orders?

The relevant person in charge of Meituan Takeaway said that Meituan Delivery has increased the capacity reserve of riders, and it is expected to invest in rider subsidies to protect riders’ income.

  [Concurrent] Yi Qi, head of Meituan Food Delivery in Beijing

  In terms of distribution, Meituan distribution has increased its rider capacity reserve by 30%, and it is expected to invest 6 million to 8 million in a rider subsidy to (guarantee) the rider's income.

At the same time, in the face of the large number of orders in supermarkets, Meituan launched real-time and flexible "cross-regional dispatch and distribution" and "stationary distribution", deploying 1.5 times the transportation capacity to centrally guarantee orders in supermarkets.

  [Explanation] In the face of the epidemic prevention regulations prohibiting dine-in, many citizens have expressed their full understanding and support.

But they also found that some citizens turned "dine-in" into "picnic", and gathered outside the store to eat after taking out.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Guo

  I have seen people gather and eat together after taking out takeout. There are staff here who are constantly giving reminders, so we can all abide by the epidemic prevention system.

  [Concurrent] Tao Ran, Deputy Manager of Ma Kai Restaurant

  Some customers will eat at the door after buying their food at the door.

According to the epidemic prevention and control measures of the street community, we will also discourage customers to go home and eat in a safe place.

  Chi Hanyu and Dong Yufei report from Beijing

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]