China News Service, May 7. According to Hong Kong, in order to meet the net-zero power generation goal set by the Hong Kong SAR government, Hong Kong Electric plans to build an offshore wind farm in the southwest waters of Lamma Island, which is expected to produce about 400 million yuan per year. kWh, calculated by the monthly electricity consumption of 275 kWh per household, can supply 120,000 households.

If the plan goes well, it will be tendered for construction in 2024 and completed in 2027. 

  HK Electric has obtained an environmental permit for the wind farm project as early as 2010. However, due to the significant progress in offshore wind power generation technology in recent years, the original generator design to be used is outdated. "Environmental Permit" applications, allowing projects to use higher-efficiency wind power technology.

The relevant plan was approved the day before yesterday, confirming that the relevant changes will not affect the water quality, marine ecology, fisheries, operating noise, etc. in the wind farm waters.

  Hong Kong Electric introduced on the 6th that the proposed offshore wind farm covers an area of ​​about 600 hectares and is located in the southwest waters of Lamma Island, about 4 kilometers away from the Lamma Power Plant, with a total capacity of about 150 megawatts.

Each wind turbine has a capacity of about 8 MW to 12 MW.

Depending on the final selected fan capacity, it is estimated that 13 to 19 units will be constructed.

The total height of the fan is 198 meters to 271 meters above sea level.

According to the wind data of recent years, the average wind speed is about 7.1 meters per second, so there are sufficient wind resources, and the wind force is higher than the average wind force recorded by the Observatory at the Henglan Island Meteorological Monitoring Station, which is ideal for the development of offshore wind farms address.

  According to HK Electric, the offshore wind farm is expected to produce about 400 million kWh of zero-carbon electricity per year, accounting for about 4% of HK Electric's total power generation, which can supply about 120,000 households with 3 to 4 people, which is expected to reduce about 28.4% per year. million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The wind farm project will be included in HK Electric's next 5-year (2024-2028) development plan and will be submitted to the SAR government for approval next year. After approval, land exploration and tendering will be launched. The wind turbine installation project will be put into commercial operation in 2027.

  HK Electric pointed out that in addition to meeting the carbon reduction target, the project can also be developed into a tourist attraction in the future, which will not only create employment opportunities, but also bring economic benefits.