Two 23-year-old men made an odyssey through Braunschweig in a stolen tram - and even took passengers with them.

The two stole the train from a depot early Thursday morning, a police spokesman said on Friday.

Then they first drove to Weststadt and from there back to the city center.

At the town hall they stopped at the bus stop, two passengers got on.

They stopped just one stop later because a maintenance vehicle was coming towards them, the driver of which noticed the two, as the Braunschweiger Zeitung reported.

The two men then left the tram behind and fled, the police spokesman said.

However, witnesses described them so well that they were later arrested near the bus stop.

According to the spokesman, neither alcohol nor drugs were involved.

The police are now investigating the disruption of public services, driving without a license, dangerous intervention in rail traffic and trespassing.

Investigations are ongoing - no one was injured when exiting, and the train was not damaged, as the police spokesman said.

It was not the first case of this kind: In April 2021, two young people in Bremen - an 18-year-old and a 13-year-old - hijacked a tram and drove a good two kilometers through the city.

At a terminal stop, the teenagers had gained access to the train, and the older man got behind the wheel.

Nobody was injured then either.