Text/Guangzhou Daily all-media reporters Ye Zuolin, Tang Nan correspondents Liu Xibing, Lin Huiling

  "Hello, the supplies have arrived, please pick them up." On May 5, in Renxing Village, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, a "Dabai" volunteer was delivering supplies to residents who were quarantined at home.

  On April 28, the relevant area of ​​Xingxing Village was designated as a control area. How to ensure the supply of materials in the control area?

"For those who are quarantined at home, volunteers are required to purchase and deliver to their door." Liang Jinming, secretary of the Party Committee and director of the village committee of Star Village, said that other residents can send a representative from each household to purchase at the sales point at a designated time.

  Bijie white radish is 1.5 yuan/jin, Chinese cabbage is 3 yuan/jin, cucumber is 2.5 yuan/jin, eggplant is 2.5 yuan/jin... The reporter saw yesterday afternoon at the star village supply point, in a called "Pingmao District" There are more than ten kinds of vegetables and fruits in the stalls of 100%, and the price is even cheaper than that of the ordinary vegetable market, which is welcomed by the public.

  Liang Jinming introduced that there are supply guarantee service points in the village, sufficient supply and replenishment at any time. "The vegetables in the 'Pingmao District' are sold directly at the purchase price, without making any money, so as to reduce the living and economic burden of the residents in the control area during this period. ."

  At present, there are a total of 27 such service points in the Renhe Town control area.

It is understood that since late April, China Resources Vanguard Group has actively responded to the call for material guarantee for epidemic prevention and control in Baiyun District, and each store has quickly organized personnel to station in the Renhe Town management and control area to carry out "red station" supply guarantee services.

  As of the evening of May 5, China Resources Vanguard and Baiyun Supply and Marketing have set up 27 "red post stations" in the control area of ​​Renhe Town to provide fresh meat, vegetables, rice, noodles, grain and oil, drinking water and convenience food for the majority of residents. And other people's living materials supply services, the daily supply of living materials is about 29 tons.

  Every day, large trucks carrying fresh meat, eggs and vegetables will arrive at the 27 supply guarantee points in the Renhe Town control area on time, and they will open on time at 9:30 a.m.

Among them, Guangzhou Yafeng Packaging Container Co., Ltd., located on Xingxing West Road, Xingxing Village, Renhe Town, guarantees the supply point of supply materials in sufficient quantities and stable prices every day, and provides diversified procurement services for the majority of villagers.

  "This point can sell 3 pigs, one or two thousand kilograms of fresh vegetables, eggs, grain and oil, etc. every day. We do our best to ensure the sufficient supply of living materials and ensure that the daily materials are fresh." Wang, the person in charge of the supply guarantee point Mr. said.

  The reporter learned from China Resources Vanguard Group that the Guangzhou Fresh Food Distribution Center of China Resources Vanguard distributes and distributes fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and eggs and other livelihood commodities to various supply guarantee points every day. Delivery 2~3 times.

  It is understood that China Resources Vanguard supplies nearly 8 tons of meat and eggs, 6 tons of vegetables, 10 tons of rice, noodles, grain and oil, 3 tons of drinking water and instant food, and 2 tons of frozen products to the Renhe Town control area, a total of 29 tons of daily necessities. Serve people and residents with love.

  "The materials are abundant and fresh, and the prices are very stable. I can buy fresh meat and vegetables here every day." Aunt Liang, a villager in Xingxing Village, introduced that during the control period, the residents' three meals a day can be guaranteed and satisfied. I hope to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible and return to normal life and production.

  It is understood that for the global control area of ​​Renhe Town, China Resources Vanguard Group has vigorously expanded its supply channels, mobilized commodities from various parties, and increased the volume of supplies to upstream channel suppliers of livelihood commodities such as vegetables and fruits, to ensure that the supply of key livelihood commodities is 5% on weekdays. Double preparation, logistics and distribution run 24 hours a day.

Among them, fresh products are continuously sent to various stores throughout the day, to ensure sufficient supply of products in stores, stable prices, and to fully guarantee the supply of various commodities.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Bureau of Science, Industry, Commerce and Information of Baiyun District, since April 27, Baiyun District has quickly established an "online + offline" living material security system. Villages (residents) in the closure (management) control areas of Yongping Street and Helong Street supply 300 tons of daily necessities such as rice, oil, noodles, meat, vegetables, etc., of which 63 tons were provided on May 5, and we will do our best to seal (control) ) the basic living security of the residents in the controlled area.