• The Covid-19 figures have been falling for several weeks in Occitania.

  • The incidence rate has increased, in five weeks, from 1,210 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants over seven days to 555 this week, in the region.

  • However, professionals invite us not to let our guard down.

The Covid-19 figures are falling, in Occitania.

Apart from a minimal increase (3 points) between April 4 and 10, the incidence rate has been falling in the region since the week of March 21 to 27.

The indicator went, in five weeks, from 1,210 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants over seven days to 555 this week.

According to the latest report communicated by the Regional Health Agency (ARS), the activity of hospital teams in the region is also falling: 1,870 hospitalizations were in progress on Tuesday (101 less in one week), including 123 in intensive care and critical care (19 fewer in one week).

Are we, however, done with the Covid-19?

“The virus is still circulating”

"No", answers Jacques Reynes, infectiologist and head of the infectious diseases department of the Montpellier University Hospital (Hérault).

We are not immune to the epidemic picking up again, “in September or October”, he notes.

“Especially as variants emerge.

As long as the epidemic is not at zero, the risk is not zero.


But, given the significant drop in the indicators, it is difficult, continues the doctor, not to lighten the measures linked to the epidemic.

On the other hand, "the only precaution is vis-à-vis fragile people, the elderly and people who have a pathology which exposes them to the risk of serious forms, immunocompromised people or people who have comorbidities for example, explains Jacques Reynes.

They have to be careful when they are in confined spaces.

And the others must be too, when they are with them.


If the ARS is delighted with this drop in indicators, it also alerts those who intend to let their guard down.

“These encouraging prospects should not, however, distract us from our good reflexes of vigilance.

The virus is still circulating quite strongly: it is still not the time to forget to protect ourselves and to protect the most fragile, ”indicates the organization, which invites everyone to maintain barrier gestures.

And people over 60 to benefit from a new booster dose.


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