China News Service, May 5th. According to Dagong Wenhui's full media report, the cross-sea section of Hong Kong's East Rail Line will soon open to traffic, becoming the fourth cross-sea railway in Hong Kong, connecting the northeastern New Territories, Kowloon Central and Hong Kong Island.

In order to celebrate the important mileage of Hong Kong's oldest railway line extending across the sea, MTR said on the 5th that it will hold the "Stronger than Victoria Harbour" East Rail Crossing the Sea Run from the 15th of this month to June 30th.

  According to reports, the event will accept registrations at 10:00 am on Sunday (8th), free of charge, and participants will receive limited edition souvenirs after completing the event.

  MTR introduced that the activity will be divided into three categories: individual, team and parent-child, with 5 different miles. Participants can freely choose the time and route during the activity according to their physical strength and route preferences, and complete the relevant activities at one time or several times separately. The target mileage of the group, during the period, take selfies at individual East Rail Line stations, and then upload the running records and photos to the activity platform.

All participants who successfully complete the rules of the event will receive a limited edition medal for the "Stronger than Victoria Harbour" East Rail Crossing Sea Run event engraved with the participant's name.