(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Jilin Senior High School Students Resume Classes for Exam Preparation: A single floor can accommodate up to two classes

  China News Service, Jilin, May 5 (Reporter Shi Hongyu) The current round of the epidemic in Jilin City has been hovering at a low level for many days. On the 5th, the local third graders officially resumed classes in preparation for the upcoming college entrance examination.

After a lapse of two months, teachers and students appeared on the high school campus again.

Photo by Cang Yan of senior three students returning to campus

Photo by Cang Yan when students return to school

Students keep their distance when they return to school Cang Yan photo

  "I miss my teachers and classmates so much, and it is definitely more efficient to review with them," said Li Yumeng, who is in Class 30 of Jilin Yuwen Middle School.

Previously, she could only meet her classmates on video every day.

Students returning to campus photo by Cang Yan

  At 6 o'clock on the same day, the senior three students of Jilin Yuwen Middle School returned to school in staggered times.

The home and the campus are "two points and one line", the nucleic acid test results are checked daily, and a single floor can accommodate up to two classes... This campus strictly implements epidemic prevention standards.

Photo by Cang Yan when students return to school

  The reporter saw at the scene that students entering the school must maintain a distance and measure their body temperature before entering the teaching building.

On the same day, all 833 senior high school students of the school returned to the classroom.

Students returning to school have to undergo temperature measurement and show nucleic acid report Photo by Cang Yan

  Chen Jing, vice-principal of Jilin Yuwen Middle School, introduced that after senior high school students return to school, large-scale sterilization will be carried out twice a day, and the toilets will implement the system of "disinfection after use". In addition, an isolation room has been reserved. Wrong time and so on.

Photo by Cang Yan, a student returning to campus

  At present, the third grades of senior high schools under the jurisdiction of Jilin City have resumed classes.

  According to the notice issued by the Jilin Provincial Department of Education, all parts of the province must comprehensively study and judge and prudently determine the resumption time for other grades and grades of primary and secondary schools on the premise of ensuring the safe, orderly and timely resumption of school and classes in the third grade.