China News Service, Lanzhou, May 5th (Yan Jiao) During the "May 1st" holiday just past, Gansu launched the "Self-driving Longyuan 'Gan' Quick Start" self-driving tour theme, with 8 characteristic routes connecting nearly 100 schools in the province Large and small scenic spots, and fully display the charm of Gansu homestays, inviting guests to experience the beauty of Gansu homestays and experience the "longing for life".

  The reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism on the 5th that with the issuance of the new version of the "Silk Road (Gansu) Self-Driving Travel Passport", "a mobile phone tour of Gansu" - "Self-driving Longyuan 'Gansu' to start soon" self-driving tour topic In response to the situation, 8 characteristic routes, including Silk Road customs, ethnic customs, seeking roots and visiting ancestors, admiring holy sites, Longshang Jiangnan, Yellow River tribute, Great Wall exploration, and Red Revolution, have connected nearly 100 scenic spots in the province. The original self-driving tour is rejuvenated with new vitality, creating the most beautiful golden line of self-driving tourism in western China.

  During the holiday, the department cooperated with the municipal governments of Zhangye, Qingyang, and Dunhuang in Gansu to open the province's first tourism flight route, creating a series of tourism products such as enjoying the Silk Road, crossing the Hexi Corridor, and slowly traveling in health and well-being. Life - Top 10 Most Beautiful B&Bs in Gansu", fully demonstrating the charm of Gansu B&Bs and attracting more tourists to travel experience.

  During the "May 1st" period, all parts of Gansu continued to enrich cultural tourism products, improve service quality, and enhance tourists' experience.

Jiayuguan·Guanchengli Scenic Spot has planned more than 160 cultural tourism activities; various scenic spots in Wuwei City have launched a series of "Yunyou" series, bringing audiences across the network to watch the Hanfu performance of Leitaihan Culture Museum; Jiuquan City held the first "Jiuquan Courtesy"—— Cultural and creative and tourism commodity exhibition and sales activities allow cultural and creative products to enter the shopping mall, get closer to people's lives, and expand the consumption of characteristic cultural and creative products and tourism commodities.

The Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has innovated the form of performance and flexibly used "Internet + performing arts".

The picture shows the performance of "The Heart of Youth Welcomes the Party to the 20th National Congress".

Photo courtesy of Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

  Dingxi City held a promotion and promotion event for cultural tourism resources of "The Source of Weishui, Li's Hometown, Angelica Dingxi", and the live video and short video views of the event exceeded 1 million person-times; Longnan City launched a "Healthy Resort, Enjoy Longnan" for the holidays Spring-themed self-driving tour boutique routes; Dunhuang Yangguan Museum held an exhibition of restored products of "Mingguang Armor", many tourists came here to experience the style of Tang Mingguang Armor up close; Lanzhou New District launched folk culture sightseeing and health preservation, and parent-child spring outings A number of boutique tourism routes such as picking, happy shopping and quality life enrich the festival supply.

  At the same time, the Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism innovated the forms and means of performances, flexibly used "Internet + performance", and transformed offline performances into "cloud exhibition" performances.

Gansu Provincial Long Theater "Labor Praise, Intangible Cultural Heritage" special theatrical evening party, Gansu Provincial Cultural Tourism Group's "Spring Green Longyuan·Cloud Feast" variety show, Dunhuang Art Troupe "Spring Green Longyuan·Hundred Flowers" 4 diverse and splendid "cloud live broadcast" performances, including the "Fighting for Beauty" variety show and the Gansu Grand Theater's "Youth Welcomes the Party to the 20th National Congress" and "May 4th" Youth Day special performance, presented wonderful performances to the public. "Feast in the Clouds".