The actress Véronique Barrault lost her life Tuesday evening during a road accident was in Camblanes-et-Meynac in Gironde.

A passenger on a motorcycle hit by a car, she did not survive her injuries.

She was 64 years old.

The driver of the motorcycle, seriously injured, was hospitalized at the University Hospital.

The motorist, shocked, was more lightly affected.

Véronique Barrault had in particular in

Les Bronzés ski

and was part of the Splendid troupe alongside Marie-Anne Chazel, Gérard Jugnot, Michel Blanc or Josiane Balasko.

In Patrice Leconte's film, she plays the role of Jérôme's nurse (Christian Clavier).

Véronique Barrault has multiplied the filming of cult films of French cinema: in 1982 in

The American Quarter Hour

, by Philippe Galland.

In 1984, in

Marche à l'ombre

, in 1985 in

Le Mariage du siècle


She had also become a director and artist coach during her career.


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