British researchers have looked into the consequences of long Covid.

According to their study published in the journal eClinicalMedicine and relayed by

The Guardian

, physical or cognitive disorders can persist for several months after contracting the disease.

Disorders that persist a year after infection

The scientists studied the cognitive test results of 46 patients, an average of six months after their admission to hospital which occurred between March and July 2020. Sixteen of them had been placed on ventilators.

They were then able to compare the results of these tests with those of 460 people who have never had Covid-19.

Conclusion: two thirds of the patients still had physical or cognitive disorders, the others were completely recovered.

Verbal reasoning, the main cognitive disorder

According to the study, these people affected by a “long Covid” showed particular difficulties in thinking.

"The thing they struggle with the most is verbal reasoning," said David Menon, a Cambridge University professor and lead author of the study.

The researchers estimated that these disorders were comparable to an anticipated aging of about twenty years.

“The trials we can conduct will allow us to understand the underlying mechanisms and produce effective treatments to prevent this from happening,” David Menon concluded.


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