• Since the start of the war in Ukraine, pork producers have had to deal with soaring raw material prices.

  • They are demanding an increase in the purchase price of their animals, which is lower than that of our European neighbours.

  • They call into question the downstream of the sector, namely slaughterhouses and mass distribution.

The war in Ukraine is hitting the agricultural world hard.

Faced with the rise in the price of materials, pig farmers in Brittany and Pays de la Loire, which provide nearly 70% of national production, are demanding an increase in the purchase price.

"Since the start of the war in Ukraine", the profession has observed "an irremediable rise in the price of pig feed, which has a strong impact on the cost of production per kilo of pork for breeders".

However, "if the price of pork increased significantly in March, it has stagnated for a month", affirmed Wednesday in a joint press release the FRSEAs of Brittany and Pays de la Loire, questioning "the downstream of the sector" at namely slaughterhouses and supermarkets.

This “plays dangerously with the future of French production!

“, they write.

A French price lower than the German or Spanish price

At the end of April, the French price, at 1.691 euro per kilo for the basic price in France, was “13 cents lower than the German reference and 9 cents lower than the Spanish reference”, they assure, estimating that “the cost of production breeders will reach two euros in the coming weeks".

“Mr. slaughterers, gentlemen distributors, take it for granted: breeders need strong signs to compensate for this level of costs never reached, otherwise decisions with irreversible consequences for the sector will be taken in the weeks to come!

“warn the producers.

"Only a market price consistent with the European dynamic and the surge in costs will help maintain production to ensure food sovereignty and the renewal of generations", they conclude.

Last February, the government granted aid of 270 million euros to support the sector.


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