(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Jilin's "Generation Z" talks about the epidemic: it's our turn to play

  China News Service, Changchun, May 4th (Tan Weiqi) After the whole city was reduced to low risk, Fan Ting felt much more relaxed.

More than 50 days of anti-epidemic road, like a long exam, can now be handed in.

  This round of epidemic is the public health emergency with the fastest spread, the widest range of infection and the most difficult prevention and control in Jilin Province since the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

From 0:00 on April 28, Changchun City and Jilin City will gradually lift social control.

Looking back on the past, "Generation Z" has become a new force in winning the battle against the epidemic.

  "Post-95" Fan Ting is a newly recruited assistant judge of the Higher People's Court of Jilin Province and the wife of a soldier.

Five years ago, she traveled more than 3,000 kilometers to Jilin with her husband to take root and live.

  In March of this year, the new crown pneumonia outbreak broke out in Changchun. Fan Ting did not hesitate to give her 20-month-old daughter to her mother-in-law, and quickly went to the front line of anti-epidemic.

  During the collection of nucleic acid test samples, Fan Ting repeated the action of breaking the sampled cotton swab into the test tube thousands of times in a row, blistering her hands, covering her face with white mist, and soaking her clothes with sweat, but there was no mistake.

  If there is no "everyone", how can there be a "small family"?

Together with her young colleagues, Fan Ting raced against time to overcome difficulties such as being unable to eat, drink water, and go to the toilet in time, and completed the task of fighting the epidemic with zero mistakes.

"Young people, take responsibility."

  According to the latest statistics, in the current round of the epidemic, more than 200,000 young volunteers in Jilin Province have been employed.

Qi Qi (first from the right) scans the code for residents at the card point.

Photo provided by the interviewee himself

  Like Fan Ting, volunteer Qi Qi is also a "Generation Z".

On the front line of the fight against the epidemic in Changchun, going upstairs for sampling, maintaining order, on duty at checkpoints, sorting and delivering vegetable bags has been his daily routine for the past two months.

  Recalling these days, the experience of entering the closed control building for sampling made him the most unforgettable.

"When I learned that there were ten prostitutes and twenty prostitutes in my community, my first thought was whether I had spoken to anyone, and if my parents were worried about what to do, would my partners who work side by side in the community be infected... …”

  But the work has to be done by someone.

Qi Qi said, thinking of this, after comprehensive protection, the team members entered the sealing and control building to start sampling work without much thought.

"Now I want to say that everything is worth it, and I am extremely proud to serve the people under the epidemic."

  The sense of social responsibility and mission enables Qi Qi to overcome fear and gain growth.

"Since I signed up to become a volunteer, I have to carry the heavy burden and go on. This is an important experience in my life." (End)