China News Agency, Hong Kong, May 4th. Hong Kong Customs stated on May 4 that Hong Kong Customs will fully adopt Chinese-style marching from now on, and all customs officers must adopt Chinese-style marching etiquette at various celebration ceremonies, graduation parades and other occasions when wearing uniforms. .

  According to Hong Kong Customs, marching is an important part of the disciplined forces to cultivate discipline and team spirit. The Chinese-style marching emphasizes uniformity and teamwork. Every movement requires sonorous force, showing the force's majesty, confidence and might.

May 4th is the "May 4th Youth Day", an important day for the country to commemorate the "May 4th Movement". The core of the "May 4th Spirit" with patriotism, progress, democracy and science as the main content is patriotism.

Hong Kong Customs chose to fully adopt Chinese-style marching on this meaningful day, which reflects the firm determination of all Customs officers to continuously pursue progress, as well as their sense of belonging and patriotism to the country.

  Hong Kong Customs said that the Customs fully adopts Chinese-style marching, which fully reflects the national sentiment, demonstrates the national sentiment, and demonstrates the demeanor of the disciplined forces of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

  Hong Kong Customs said that in recent years, Hong Kong Customs has gradually incorporated Chinese-style marching elements into training, ceremonies and graduation parades. In addition to improving the visibility of marching performances, it also allows the department to better integrate into the national system and enrich the content of "one country, two systems".

Customs would like to express its sincere gratitude to the Hong Kong Garrison of the Chinese People's Liberation Army for providing Chinese-style marching training for Hong Kong Customs officers and for giving valuable advice on Chinese-style marching demonstrations at various ceremonies.