China News Service, Taiyuan, May 3 (Reporter Li Tingyao) "We will make the generated 'Love Travel Code' into a card and distribute it to special groups such as the elderly and children for free. They can use this card to enter public places."5 On March 3, Cui Keqiong, deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Wanbailin District Committee of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, told reporters that the district took the lead in the city to implement "reverse scanning code" for epidemic prevention and control to facilitate "one old and one young".

  In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, a mobile phone and a green code have become a "pass" for people to enter public places, which also makes many elderly people and children who do not have smartphones encounter a "threshold".

In order to solve this problem, with the support of the Political and Legal Committee of the Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee and the Taiyuan Big Data Application Bureau, Wanbailin District piloted the implementation of "reverse scanning code" for epidemic prevention and control.

  According to Cui Keqiong, the "reverse code scanning" for epidemic prevention and control is an application system that covers the elements of "one old and one small", various places, and site managers. , to quickly check the name of the venue, visitor name, scanning time, nucleic acid test results, scanning personnel and other relevant information, "This measure not only facilitates the travel and shopping of special groups, but also avoids the risk of contact, and can also improve flow investigation and investigation. Accuracy".

  On the morning of May 2, in the community of West Street, South Inner Ring, Xiayuan Street, Wanberlin District, the staff issued Taiyuan's first "reverse code scanning" card - "Wanberlin District Love Travel Code".

  The staff of the Political and Legal Committee of Wanbailin District Party Committee demonstrated on the spot how to apply for the "Love Travel Code": open the Alipay client through the mobile phone and search for the "Companion Code".

Open the "Companion Code" applet, click the "Reverse Scan Code" module, and after the community staff help enter the account number and password, log in to the "Companion Code" applet.

Then click "Love Scan Code Card" to generate the applicant's unique "Love Travel Code".

"Love Travel Code" implements real-name authentication and registration, and strictly implements "one person, one code, one number".

  "We have gradually promoted 'reverse code scanning' for epidemic prevention and control in all streets in Wanbailin District." Cui Keqiong introduced that in the next step, Wanbailin District will continue to organize card production services, and will also provide services for the elderly and special groups with limited mobility. Provide door-to-door card making service, "We will also increase publicity and promotion efforts, and strive to become a household name, and the service guarantees the travel of people without smartphones."