China Weather Network News "May Day" holiday is half over, today and tomorrow (May 3-4), Beijing is still singing the "main tune" on sunny days, the temperature will further rise, and the highest temperature today is expected to reach 32 ℃ .

However, in the afternoons of today and tomorrow, the south wind in Beijing is strong, the air is dry, and the pollen concentration is extremely high. Sensitive people need to do relevant protection when they go out.

  Yesterday was the third day of the "May Day" holiday. Beijing still maintained the pattern of sunshine and blue sky "field control". The highest temperature during the day was around 26°C, which was basically the same as the previous day's highest temperature of 25.9°C.

  However, today and tomorrow, under the general pattern of "controlling the field" in sunny days, and with the help of the southerly wind, the temperature will be on the "little rocket", soaring all the way, and the feeling of early summer will be full again.

According to the forecast issued by the Beijing Meteorological Observatory at 6:00 this morning, during the day, Beijing will be partly cloudy, with a northerly wind of level 2 to southerly wind of level 3~4, a gust of level 6, and a maximum temperature of 32°C; it will be partly cloudy at night, with a southerly wind 3~4 Level 4 turns to north wind level 1~2, with a minimum temperature of 16°C.

  Tomorrow, Beijing will still be mainly partly cloudy. The highest temperature in the plains is expected to be around 33°C, and the highest temperature in the mountains can also reach 30-31°C.

  The meteorological department reminded that the temperature in Beijing today and tomorrow will continue to rise, and this "May 1st" small holiday will be brought to a successful end in a "passionate", but in the afternoon, the south wind is strong, the air is dry, and the pollen concentration is very high. While enjoying the sunshine and blue sky, friends, don’t forget to replenish water and sunscreen. Sensitive people need to take precautions when going out to avoid discomfort such as pollen allergies.