China News Service, Beijing, May 3 (Xu Jing) Li Yi, deputy secretary of the Education Work Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and spokesperson of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, announced at the epidemic conference on the 3rd that after the "May 1" holiday, the city's primary and secondary schools, Kindergartens and secondary vocational schools will be suspended for one week (May 5 to May 11). The specific return time will be determined based on the comprehensive assessment of the city's epidemic situation.

  In addition, all colleges and universities in Beijing strictly manage access to and from the campus. In principle, teachers, students and employees of on-campus dormitories will no longer leave the school. For those who do need to leave the school for special reasons such as medical treatment, job hunting, and internship, strict approval is required. Point to the front line", protect the whole process, sign personal commitments, and increase the frequency of nucleic acid testing.

  Primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, etc. postpone the return to school for one week

  Li Yi introduced that after the "May 1st" holiday, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, and secondary vocational schools in Beijing will be suspended for one week (May 5 to May 11). Sure.

During the postponed return to school, municipal platforms such as "Beijing Air Classroom" and "Jingxuetong" will continue to provide online teaching services and guarantees.

  He pointed out that each district should make “one school, one policy” arrangement for online teaching, and each school should formulate detailed plans and arrange home study schedules for all grades and classes to ensure that students’ online learning and offline learning are seamlessly connected, stable and effective. sequence.

For the third grade of junior high school, all districts and schools are required to have special work plans, and do a good job in online tutoring, answering questions, and simulation exercises before the middle and high school entrance examinations. It is necessary to take advantage of online teaching to strengthen personalized tutoring for students. , layering, classification, improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the review.

  Strengthen communication with graduating students

  Li Yi mentioned that Beijing requires school staff to perform their duties normally.

School staff must perform their duties and responsibilities around students’ online teaching and online Q&A counseling. The specific work methods and work locations are arranged by the school.

  He especially emphasized that schools should guide teachers to do a good job of psychological counseling for children, conduct heart-to-heart conversations and communication in various ways, continue to understand children's thinking conditions in the context of changes in the epidemic, correctly understand the original intention of adjusting teaching arrangements, actively adapt, and be optimistic response.

In particular, it is necessary to strengthen the communication with the students in the third grade of junior high school, and guide the students not to be anxious or anxious.

Strengthen the guidance and help for family education, and coordinate the home and school to arrange children's home study life.

Each school, each grade group, and each class must focus on the work of parents and students in the class.

Do a good job in nucleic acid testing and health monitoring

  Li Yi said that schools in Beijing should do a good job in nucleic acid testing and health monitoring.

According to the unified deployment of the whole city, the nucleic acid test on May 3, May 4, and May 5 was completed with full coverage and high quality for three consecutive days.

  He reminded parents and students again that they must cooperate with the completion of nucleic acid testing at the corresponding time point to screen potential risks to the greatest extent and curb the risk of the spread of the epidemic; districts and schools must adhere to the "daily reporting" and "zero reporting" system for the health of teachers and students , monitor the physical condition, travel situation, risk exposure, etc. of teachers, students and family members living together, and guide students to maintain moderate exercise, reasonable rest, scientific diet, physical fitness, and enhance resistance and immunity.

  The sports high school entrance examination will rationally adjust the organization method

  Li Yi mentioned that according to the arrangement of education and teaching, the students in the third year of junior high school may be in the stage of the first and second model examinations. He asked parents and students to rest assured that each district and each school will combine online and offline methods. , make relevant arrangements, and strive to achieve the effect of reviewing and diagnosing problems.

For the on-site examination of the junior high school sports entrance examination that will be held in May, we will adhere to the student-oriented, in accordance with the principles of health first, safety organization, fairness and justice, and according to the epidemic situation, arrange the examination time reasonably, and avoid personnel crossing and gathering; Reasonably adjust the test organization method, or adopt a unified centralized organization method, or organize the test in the school where the candidates are located, so as to maximize the convenience of candidates and reduce risks.

At that time, each district will have detailed arrangements, and will also notify candidates and parents through the school.

  In principle, teachers and students of colleges and universities do not leave school

  Li Yi said that Beijing strictly manages the entry and exit of teachers and students in colleges and universities.

On-campus dormitory teachers and students will not leave the school in principle. Those who do need to leave the school for special reasons such as medical treatment, job hunting, and internship must be strictly reviewed and approved. The staff who leave the school should be "two points and one line", take precautions throughout the process, and sign a personal statement. Commitment to increase the frequency of nucleic acid testing.

Reduce the attendance rate of faculty and staff, and advocate online office.

Off-campus teachers and students who need to enter the school due to administrative office, teaching and research tasks, must be strictly examined and approved, and they must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours of entering the school.

  At the same time, colleges and universities strictly manage the personnel in the family area on campus.

The entry and exit of the residents of the family area on the campus should be strictly managed, and the negative nucleic acid test certificate, health treasure, itinerary code, etc. within 48 hours should be checked to urge to reduce unnecessary going out.

Combined with the actual situation of the school, the family area should be physically separated from the student's study and living area to minimize the time and space intersection with the teachers and students in the school.

  In addition, relevant departments will strengthen the education, guidance and care of teachers and students.

Strengthen policy publicity and ideological guidance for teachers and students, including retirees, ensure the supply of materials on campus, respond to teachers and students' concerns in a timely manner, and ensure the normal life order of teachers and students.