She called for help from inside her coffin during her funeral.. the story of a woman who died twice

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Kalaka's family had to bid her farewell twice, after the young woman managed to call for help from her closed coffin during her funeral procedures, only to die hours later. 

Rosa was involved in a serious accident on Chiclayo Pixi Road in the area, which killed her brother-in-law and seriously injured her nephews.

After she was declared "dead" in the aftermath of the horrific accident, her family gathered in Lambayeque for the funeral on April 26.

She was later carried in a coffin before her funeral.

But when her relatives lifted the wooden structure on their shoulders, they began to hear strange sounds.

They lowered the coffin and opened the lid to find Rosa weak, but very alive, looking at them.

"She opened her eyes and was sweating," said Juan Segundo Cajo, who is in charge of the cemetery's work. "I immediately went to my office and called the police. Shocked relatives rushed Rosa, still in her coffin, to Verenave reference hospital in Lambayeque.

Once there, Rosa was found to have weak signs of life, and she was hooked up to a life support machine by paramedics.

But her condition deteriorated and she tragically died a few hours later.

Her family, who had to bid her farewell twice, demanded answers from the authorities, expressing their anger at health care chiefs for announcing her early death.

According to the newspaper "Metro".

Rosa's family suspects that she may have been in a coma after the accident, which may explain why she was pronounced dead in the first stage.

Police in Peru are now investigating what happened at Lambayeque Regional Hospital - where she was first treated - that led to her death.

Rosa's three nephews, who were injured in the same accident as her, are said to be recovering in hospital but remain in serious condition.

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