Lilly Becker received the RTL camera team in her London apartment shortly after her ex-husband was sentenced to two and a half years in prison on Friday.

She was correspondingly agitated: "It's all new to me and I have a son," said the forty-five-year-old.

"He's twelve and he doesn't know anything (...) I have no idea how I'm doing it now." Lilly Becker was married to Boris Becker from 2010 to 2018, their son Amadeus was born in 2010.

On Thursday evening he was allowed to spend the night with his father again.

Boris Becker had to spend the next night in prison.

"He just didn't deserve the punishment he got now," said Lilly Becker.

"He made a mistake.

We all make mistakes.”

The only daughter of Boris Becker, Anna Ermakova, sees it similarly.

"I still tried to help him as best I could," said the twenty-two-year-old of the "Bild" newspaper.

"I wrote a letter to the court to express my concern for my little half-brother Amadeus." She is concerned that the 12-year-old is now being deprived of his father figure at an "important phase in his development".

"It will be particularly difficult for him." Anna Ermakova wants to visit her father in prison.

"I hope that will help a bit to get through the time."

Angela Ermakova, Anna Ermakova's mother, also says that she is worried about Amadeus: "Amadeus is going through puberty, he goes to a new school and has to find new friends there," said the fifty-four-year-old of the "Bild" newspaper .

“He needs his father at this crucial time in his life.

Especially when the British press writes about it and other twelve-year-olds read it.” She feels sorry for Becker.

"I'm very sad." Angela Ermakova had an affair with the tennis star in 1999, from which their daughter came.

At that time, Boris was married to Barbara Becker, and the two sons came from the marriage, which was divorced in 2001

Noah (28) and Elijah (22).

Noah accompanied his father to the court hearing together with his current partner Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro – and handed him a green travel bag on the last day of the hearing, which Boris Becker then drove to the prison with.

Whether he would really be happy to see his daughter there is not entirely certain.

The court hearing also dealt with the luxury London apartment where Anna Ermakova lives.

Becker stated that he did not know that the apartment belonged to him, which is why he did not state it in his assets.

"You should meet my daughter's mother.

After that, you would never say I was in control of this apartment," he said.

Before the trial, Angela Ermakova told the "Bild" newspaper that Becker wanted to borrow money from her in 2015.

"He wanted to use our apartment as collateral, but of course I had to refuse."