[Commentary] In this animation of "Quancheng Anti-epidemic Mission", three historical figures traveled through time and space to their hometown of Jinan to give full play to their respective advantages to help the whole people fight against the epidemic.

In Jinan, Shandong, after the citizens have completed the nucleic acid test, they can receive a nucleic acid sticker of the "Quancheng Anti-epidemic Mission" with the historical figures of Xin Qiji, Bian Que and Qin Qiong.

The sticker has also become a "pass" for Jinan citizens to enter and leave the community and public places.

  [Commentary] On April 30, the reporter saw one of the main creators of nucleic acid stickers, Ding Jiao, who was born in 1991. When she was 2 years old, she suffered a leg disability due to spinal hemangioma. After many operations and years of rehabilitation training, she is now living Completely take care of yourself.

She introduced the original intention of designing nucleic acid stickers to reporters.

  [Concurrent] Cartoonist Ding Jiao

  In the beginning, we made this nucleic acid sticker because we saw Huo Qubing in Xi'an before, so we would think of some outstanding historical figures in our country, such as our Xin Qiji, Bian Que, and our door god Qin Qiong, etc. A lot of.

At that time (choice), we actually had a hard time, and we were struggling with who to choose.

  [Explanation] Seeing the hard work of the front-line anti-epidemic personnel every day, Ding Jiao and her colleagues chose Jinan's representative and well-known historical figures, with traditional cultural elements and symbols, with beautiful meanings.

  [Concurrent] Cartoonist Ding Jiao

  These three historical figures, just like our Xin Qiji, his name actually has such a homonym "qiji" (abandoning disease).

Like Bian Que's words, he is the originator of traditional Chinese medicine, which has played an important role in this epidemic.

If you look like the door god (Qin Qiong), it is to keep the virus out of the (door).

These three images form such a sky group, and making it into a small sticker actually has such an idea, that is, it can make everyone more actively do nucleic acid (testing).

  [Explanation] With the release of nucleic acid stickers, Ding Jiao, Guan Shuheng and other seven people worked together to complete the "Quancheng Anti-epidemic Mission" cartoon.

  [Concurrent] Cartoonist Ding Jiao

  Our storyboards, scripted stories, as soon as the story is written, we start the storyboard creation.

Then our artist is also working on the three views of the character at the same time, and then after the drawing, the animation side will start to prepare some materials, props, needed materials, and needed things, and then feed them back to us, and we will draw these things, for example The scene you need, the kind of props you need.

When I saw the final film, I was really happy, that is to say, we wanted to pay tribute to the staff on the front line of the epidemic.

  [Explanation] In the animation, the three historical figures are plump and cute, and the lines are witty and humorous, with obvious dialect colors.

Guan Shuheng, MG animation designer, is mainly responsible for the production of animation titles. He introduced that his colleagues transformed three plane characters and scenes into two-dimensional animations according to the division of labor. 36 hours.

  [Concurrent] MG animation designer Guan Shuheng

  In the process of (making) this short film, we first flattened these three characters, and then made them into two-dimensional cartoon characters that everyone loves and has a wider audience, and then based on the animators In the animation software, the animation is adjusted frame by frame, and then handed over to the later stage to add some sound effects, special effects, and packaging including the beginning and ending.

  [Explanation] At present, Jinan City uses the cartoon characters of Bian Que, Xin Qiji and Qin Qiong for nucleic acid stickers in the whole city, which are in different shapes of circle, square and octagon. The same character stickers are made of red, yellow and green. distinguish.

  [Concurrent] Wang Zhenhua, Chairman of Shandong Expo Huachuang Animation Media Co., Ltd.

  The images of Xin Qiji, Bian Que and Qin Qiong designed are open to the society for copyright, used in various organs and units, used in the government, and used in public welfare propaganda against the epidemic.

You cannot directly (use this cartoon image) for commercial use. Commercial use constitutes infringement.

  [Explanation] Ding Jiao picked up a paintbrush at the age of 9 and has now become a cartoonist. His works such as the Chinese Paralympic champion-themed cartoons have been well received by netizens.

Seeing that her work has been recognized by the society, Ding Jiao said that she used nucleic acid stickers to help the front-line fight against the epidemic, and continued to paint the world with paintbrushes, highlighting the historical and cultural heritage of Jinan and Shandong.

  Zhang Shun Li Mingrui reports from Jinan, Shandong

Responsible editor: [Ji Xiang]