Last month, a 59-year-old former office worker who was charged with murdering a Vietnamese woman working at a lunch box shop in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka and robbing cash, broke into this shop four months ago last December and took cash. He was re-arrested after being suspected of trying to steal.

Toshiya Yamaguchi (59), a former employee of a transportation company in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, was re-arrested on suspicion of trespassing and attempted theft.

On the 4th of last month, Yamaguchi, a part-time employee of a bento shop on the first floor of the building where he lives, invited Vietnamese national Vo Ti Le Quinn (31) to his room and strangled him. He was charged with murder-robbery last month for murdering and robbing about 26,000 yen in cash.

According to the police, a memory card containing the data of the security camera taken out from the lunch box was found in Yamaguchi's room, and from the investigation etc., Yamaguchi was in this lunch box before dawn on December 5, last year. It turned out that there was a suspicion that he had invaded from his own way and tried to steal cash etc. by searching the cash register.

After admitting the suspicion to the police investigation, he said, "I found out that I had invaded and did not leave cash in the store, so I thought I would attack the clerk."