It has come so far: the gossip sheets are so desperate not to be able to present their audience with a photo of Helene Fischer's baby even after months that they are even happy about counter-statements.

"After the bad suspicion – your baby is alive and well," writes


and remembers: "The worst things were suddenly whispered behind Helene's back.

All because she didn't show her child." A "tabloid newspaper" claimed that the baby was born two months early.

"At this point, the sensitive Helene apparently finally tore the hat cord and turned on a law firm," we read and are amazed at what hat cords are capable of today.

Jorg Thomann

Editor in the “Life” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

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"Successfully - in 'Bild' Helene could now make a clean sweep: 'My daughter wasn't born two months early.'" The joy of being able to write down this one genuine, personal sentence from Helene Fischer outweighs the fact that this comes from a counterstatement, which the magazines normally fear like anything else.

If things have turned around now, golden times are ahead of them: many more exclusive quotes can certainly be expected from Fischer and their hard-working lawyers.

The wheel above our heads

What we prefer to read ourselves are the always surprising editorials by


boss Robert Pölzer: "It hangs over us all like the sword of Damocles," he emphasizes.

"We can't see it, but we feel its omnipresence," he continues: "The wheel of fortune that we call fate." We have to take a deep breath first: A sword hangs over all of our heads, which is a wheel that we call fate.

But isn't a wheel of fortune that threatens to fall on us more of a wheel of misfortune?

What does Cicero actually say about this?

And what about Maren Gilzer?

Julia Roberts was asked not about her wheel of fortune, but about her recipe for happiness on the occasion of her 20th wedding anniversary, and according to


she answered: "Two sinks and lots of kisses." And how will they celebrate the anniversary?

"With even more kisses." But not with even more sinks, fortunately two are obviously quite enough.

The most important piece of furniture for Duchess Kate, writes




, is the "pronunciation sofa".

A "friend" reports: "If one of Kate's children misbehaves, the royal mum sits down with her offspring on this colorful sofa and discusses what was wrong in a passionate and loving way." If we had a sofa like this, then we would We are now discussing with you,

Goldenes Blatt

, insistently and lovingly that you only made it up, but unfortunately we only have a lamentation couch, a screaming sideboard and a sulky corner.

Saint Martin and Saint Meghan

We don't know exactly where Harry and Meghan sat when they briefly visited the Queen, but they're sure to get bad press.

"Arrogance attack", headlines


about their trip to Europe and describes a scene from the Netherlands: "The Duchess gave her 3700-euro coat from Max Mara to a woman so that her baby wouldn't freeze.

Apparently Meghan can afford it.


.” Everything “seemed rehearsed”, the newspaper blasphemes.

Many years ago, Saint Martin gave away only half a coat, a no-name product at that, and is still celebrated today.

We don't have to talk about Saint Meghan right away, but the baby will have been happy about her coat, even if it might be way too big for him.

"Reconciliation at last!" claims

Das goldene Blatt

about Sofia and Juan Carlos from Spain.

The latter is said to have "had affairs," whispers the newspaper: "But all of that is in the past!

Juan Carlos has become wiser with age.” Or, at 84, simply more frail.


writes the strange-sounding headline over the photo of a modern ruler

: “Macron is a leftist.” It’s not quite as bad, but it’s still private enough: “Macron has a chest hair secret.

He wears it much longer on the left because more grows there.” After the head hair classic Vokuhila – short at the front, long at the back – now the presidential chest hair look Lilareku.

Perhaps the contrast is also intentional and another attempt by Macron to appeal to people from all political camps: casual shag for the left, short military stubble for the right.

At a party,

Frau im Spiegel

met the model Rebecca Mir and found out that she "has other plans afterwards: 'My husband and my son are waiting in the hotel, there's still reading on the program.'" Because without his bedtime story, she can man don't fall asleep.

The gossip favorite star may soon have to read even more: “Now or never – it would be so nice – Helene Fischer – Yes!

A second baby,” is the headline in

Das Neue Blatt


It's also understandable that the sweethearts start dreaming about the next Fischer child: maybe they'll at least get to see that one day.