During the Golden Week holidays, Cape Toi in Kushima City, the southernmost tip of Miyazaki Prefecture, is crowded with many tourists looking to see the wild horses that live there.

At the southernmost tip of Miyazaki Prefecture, Cape Toi in Kushima City, which overlooks the Hyuga-nada Sea, is home to the wild horse "Misaki Horse," which is designated as a national natural monument.

The birth season for Misaki horses is from April to May every year, and about 10 foals have been born so far.

The foal snuggles up to the mare and drinks milk, showing a lovely appearance lying comfortably on the meadow when the stomach is full.

Cape Toi is crowded with many tourists, including families, during the Golden Week holidays.

The visitors enjoyed a peaceful time by watching the horse's parents and children and taking pictures under the clear sky.

A man from Osaka said, "This is the first time I've seen a cape horse. The foal is small and very cute."

According to local groups involved in the protection of Misaki horses, about 10 more foals are expected to be born this season.