No, Harry Styles will not put a label on his sexual orientation, neither today nor tomorrow.

From the pop star's point of view, it's his own business and that question is simply outdated.

“I'm very open about it with my friends, but it's my personal experience.

It belongs to me, ”he explained to

Better Homes & Gardens

, before calling for more tolerance on the subject.

"What matters and the thing we should achieve is to accept everyone and be more open, accept that it doesn't matter, that it's not about putting a label on everything, not having to clarify which boxes you tick,” added the ex-One Direction.

I was so ashamed

Then, Harry Styles confided that sexuality has long been a source of shame for him.

“For a long time, I felt like my sex life was the only thing that belonged to me.

I was so ashamed of it, ashamed of the mere thought of anyone knowing I was having sex, no matter who,” he continued.


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