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In the spotlight: Macron II, a French disenchantment

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Emmanuel Macron waves to the crowd at the Champ de Mars on April 24, the evening of his presidential re-election.

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By: Norbert Navarro

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Faith of Michel Houellebecq, the French are "

 not reconciled

 " after the re-election of Emmanuel Macron (to be continued).

Mileage comments and press tips to the new/former president.

On reading, the whole lets sweat the prepared, the anticipated, the marbled, while waiting for April 24 at 8 p.m. to launch the presses.

Photo of the most official on the front page of the weekly 

Le Point

, under a title with the sobriety of circumstance: "

The President 


On the front page of 


, " 

France torn 


In 2017, Emmanuel Macron was " 

the lucky president


in 2022, it becomes "

the one of the last chance 

", nuance 


Champ de Mars, under the Eiffel Tower, April 24 in the evening. 

Paris Match

 has chosen a few close-ups;

here the parents of Emmanuel Macron;

there the children of Brigitte Macron.

This second five-year term "

 promises to be delicate 

", warns 

Paris Match.

The game was unstoppable

Apparent disenchantment following a predictable victory.

But it was possible to show originality in the treatment of the re-election of Emmanuel Macron.


Der Spiegel


To comment on last Sunday's election, this German magazine had the idea of ​​asking the French writer Michel Houellebecq for his analysis.

Everything is going as planned in my latest novel 

," says the latter.

According to the author of



the vote has always been, more or less, a class vote;

but he had never been like this.

On the sociological level, the teaching of the elections is absolutely clear,

states Houellebecq,

it can be said in one sentence: the rich vote Macron, the poor vote Le Pen, the intermediaries vote Mélenchon.

It's a simple, brutal reading grid, and it works perfectly.

In terms of

 "age classes"

, it is necessary to refine a little, but barely.

Young people vote Macron or Mélenchon, old people vote Macron;

those who work vote Le Pen

 ”, sums up the author of 

Elementary Particles.

According to him, “ 

we have just given international opinion


a very mediocre spectacle.

It's a bit normal: when the result is folded in advance, it becomes difficult to take an interest in the match


However, regrets Michel Houellebecq in 

Der Spiegel,


reconciliation is not on our agenda


The Prime Minister is “him”

He does not want to leave full powers to Emmanuel Macron.

“He” is Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who calls on his left-wing partners to get out of “ 

the permanent culture of defeat 


As Jean-Luc Mélenchon launches in 

Le Journal du Dimanche

, “ 

they have to come out of the lose

 ”, and “ 

assume the will to win 


Saying he is “ 


” about the outcome of the negotiations for the legislative elections, the leader of La France insoumise “ 


” that the left-wing partners will “ 

find an agreement


But he “ 


 ” them by declaring to the 


that “ 

people will not agree twice to be robbed of victory by those who refuse to build this new majority.

The People's Union gathered twice as many voters as all the other components of the left, and five times more than each of them

 ", he remarks, guaranteeing " 

to everyone the existence of a group in the National Assembly


The sealed Eiffel Tower

It is “ 

the invisible poison of Paris

 ”, says



After the Notre-Dame fire, it is the turn of the most visited Tower in the world to be incriminated in lead pollution.


's investigation

reveals disturbing results of analyzes carried out on March 15, and on the Tower, and in the surrounding streets, and on the Champ de Mars, this Parisian esplanade where children like to play, where presidents like to celebrate their re-election.

Being specified by this magazine the existence of a supposed “


” of magnetic permeability to lead of “ 

1000 µg/m2



announces that, very close to the public access to the Eiffel Tower, “ 

the last measurement is around the 3000 µg/m2


But lead, at the Eiffel Tower, is everywhere, in the steel as in the paint.


To get rid of it, you would have to take it apart

 ,” an expert told



Only here, at the top of the Eiffel Tower, an antenna dear to our house is planted.

To dismantle it, wouldn't that be putting us in the dark?

It deserves consideration...


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