“The beginning of May is cool here, a little below the norm... But today or tomorrow it will be cloudy, the sun... Tomorrow it will be cloudy with clearings in the afternoon, the atmospheric front will already begin to approach, so it will rain in some places in the region.

The temperature is +12...+14 °C,” the expert said.

According to the forecaster, the temperature will drop at the beginning of the week.

“On the night of May 3-4, cloudy, light rain, +3...+8 °С.

On Wednesday it will be cloudy, light rain, +8...+13 °С.

From the 4th to the 5th, light precipitation at night, northwest wind, -2 ... + 3 ° С, in some places there may be sleet ... The warmest day is May 3, ”Tsygankov explained.

On Friday, the air temperature will be +8...+13 °С, on Saturday - +10...+15 °С, the specialist added.

Earlier, weather forecasters warned of snow in the Perm region over the weekend.