The groom was late for the ceremony, so the bride married another!

The father of a bride in India has married his daughter to a relative after the groom failed to reach the wedding venue on time in Boldhana district of Maharashtra state.

In a dramatic turn of events, the father of the bride in Buldana district of Maharashtra married his daughter to a relative who was present among the invitees, instead of the groom because the drunken groom did not arrive at the wedding venue on time.

According to India Today,

The wedding was scheduled to take place on April 22 in Malkapur Pangra village in Buldhana district.

All preparations for the wedding ceremony were completed at 4 pm.

The bride and her family were waiting for the groom to arrive at the venue, but he did not arrive until 8 pm.

It was reported by the audience that the groom and his friends were dancing while drunk and they also fought, and when the groom arrived at the wedding venue, the father of the bride flatly refused to marry his daughter.

As all the preparations for the wedding had been made, the father of the bride then consulted a relative who attended the wedding and later married his daughter.

The bride's father said, "The wedding was supposed to be on April 22, and the groom was busy dancing. The wedding was at 4 pm but they arrived at the venue at 8 pm. So I married my daughter to one of my relatives."

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