Recently, Linfen, Shanxi Province.

Affected by the reduction of the water flow of the Yellow River and the sedimentation of sediment, the Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River changed from yellow to clear, showing a different beauty of "clear waterfall and flying flow".

  At this time, the water flow of Hukou Waterfall was significantly reduced, and the water volume was about 300 cubic meters per second. All the sub-waterfalls of Hukou Waterfall disappeared, leaving only the main waterfall. It has become a "clear waterfall and flying current", while the flow of the Yellow River has decreased, and the drop of the main waterfall in Hukou has also increased to nearly 30 meters.

  It is understood that from the end of April to June every year is the time period when the water flow of the Hukou section of the Yellow River is less.

(Produced by Zhang Huizhiqiang Qu Lixia)

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]