The survey results show that the amount of money spent during the Golden Week holidays will increase to more than 29,500 yen, 1.4 times last year, due to the increase in the number of people going on trips.

According to a survey conducted by a major life insurance company, Meiji Yasuda Life, on the Internet for people in their 20s and 70s nationwide in late last month and responded by 1620 people,

the way to spend the Golden Week holidays is

▼ "Spend at home. Was the highest at 56%, but it decreased by 8 points compared to last year.

On the other hand,

▼ "domestic travel" was 11.2%, an increase of 6 points from last year, and

▼ "homecoming" and "outdoors" also increased.

Also, when asked about the amount of money to spend during the Golden Week holidays, the average was 29,544 yen, which is more than 9000 yen compared to last year, an increase of 44%.

The number of people going on domestic trips and homecoming has increased, and the amount of money spent during consecutive holidays has increased, but it is far below the 47,200 yen in 2019 before the spread of the infection.

Yuichi Kodama, Fellow Chief Economist at Meiji Yasuda Research Institute, said, "Travel demand has increased due to the reaction to the past, but it is necessary to pay attention to how the impact of rising prices will be on the recovery of consumption in the future. There is. "