China News Service, Dali, April 30 (Xiong Jiaxin) "Since this year, the water transparency of Erhai Lake has reached the highest value in the past ten years, but the water quality indicators are not optimistic, and there is still a large risk of algal blooms." On the 29th, Shanghai Jiaotong University Yunnan Wang Xinze, director of the (Dali) Research Institute, and Wang Xinze, director of the National Field Scientific Observation and Research Station of Erhai Lake Ecosystem in Yunnan, proposed at the symposium that the water quality of Erhai Lake must be closely monitored to prevent being "blinded" by the "illusion" of clear water bodies.

  From April 27th to 29th, the research team of the Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association conducted research in Erhai Lake. On the basis of field visits, they made suggestions and suggestions from a forward-looking and professional perspective, and carried out democratic supervision.

Gao Feng, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association, chairman of the Yunnan Provincial Committee, and vice chairman of the Yunnan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, who led the investigation, said: "The special democratic supervision of Erhai Lake protection and governance is an important measure to bring together all parties and speed up the protection and governance of Erhai Lake. We must Concentrate and work together.”

  "Cangshan has no ink for a thousand years, and Erhai has no strings." Erhai is the second largest freshwater lake in Yunnan, shining like a pearl on the plateau. In January 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed at the Erhai Lake when he inspected Yunnan, "We must make Erhai Lake is well protected."

After a series of rescue protection and governance work, the current environmental quality of Erhai Lake is generally stable, and the water quality will be excellent in 2020 and 2021, and the effectiveness of Erhai Lake protection and management and the transformation and development of the basin will continue to be consolidated.

The Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association carried out a symposium on democratic supervision and investigation of the protection and governance of Erhai Lake in Dali Prefecture.

Photo by Li Jiaxian

  During the investigation period, the Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association and experts in the field of ecological and environmental protection were divided into three groups, each with its own focus and efficient attack. To understand the integrated protection and systematic governance of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand in the Erhai Basin from the dimensions of restoration, green transformation and development.

  An Li, an agricultural extension researcher from the Kunming Institute of Fisheries Sciences, and the research team visited the fish breeding base in Pingpo Town, Yangbi County, to gain an in-depth understanding of the progress of artificial breeding of indigenous fish in Erhai Lake.

"The 'homing' of indigenous fish species can promote mutual restraint between organisms and help stabilize the ecological balance of Erhai Lake." She suggested that the monitoring of Erhai Lake water quality and aquatic ecosystems should be increased, and the biological resources of Erhai Lake, including indigenous fish, should be monitored. A comprehensive investigation will be conducted to provide a basis for the formulation of follow-up protection measures and related policies.

  In Yunnan S.F.E. Erhai Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., the research team learned about the process, technology and recycling production of various types of organic wastes, and has formed an effective model.

"It is recommended to increase replication and promotion efforts in the Erhai Lake Basin, and comprehensively build a whole industry chain model that utilizes various organic wastes from the source." Zheng Yixin, a senior engineer at the Kunming Academy of Ecology and Environment, believes that the current Erhai Lake governance and protection The efficiency of resource utilization needs to be further improved, and it is very important to promote the efficient mode of resource utilization.

  After the on-site visit, the experts shared the problems they discovered from a professional perspective with the local responsible comrades and relevant departments at the symposium, and put forward the direction for optimization of Erhai Lake governance in the future.

The Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association will also form a written report based on the investigation and provide suggestions.

  "The Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association has carried out democratic supervision on the protection and governance of Erhai Lake, which has a key role in accurately identifying the gaps in the protection and governance of Erhai Lake, and effectively promoting the implementation of policies, work, and responsibilities." Yang Guozong, secretary of the Dali Prefecture Party Committee, said that Dali Prefecture will Based on the specific matters reported by this democratic supervision, we will conduct a comprehensive investigation, quickly formulate a rectification plan, and continue to fight the tough battle for the protection and precise governance of Erhai Lake.

  It is reported that since the official launch of democratic supervision of the protection and governance of nine plateau lakes by the provincial party committees and persons without party affiliation in Yunnan on February 10, as of April 29, 7 provincial party committees of democratic parties have conducted inspections on 8 plateau lakes. The protection and governance work carried out a key survey of democratic supervision.

In the future, the provincial party committees of the democratic parties will give full play to their talents and intelligence, participate in the formulation of policies and measures, carry out daily follow-up inspections, conduct policy presentations, and continue to contribute to the governance of the nine plateau lakes.