Recently, in Leizu Town, Yuan'an County, Hubei Province, 60-year-old daughter Li Shitao specially took wedding photos for them in order to satisfy their parents' wishes.

82-year-old Li Kaiwen married his wife Huang Minghui in 1962.

After their marriage, they planted mulberries and raised silkworms in Leizu Town and raised 4 children. Their relationship has always been very good.

Not long ago, in order to satisfy the wish of the old man, the eldest daughter asked a photographer to take a wedding photo for the old couple. The old man felt embarrassed at first and expressed his objection.

Later, the eldest son-in-law also repeatedly did the ideological work of the two old people, and the two old people agreed to this matter.

Li Kaiwen said that he didn't expect that he was in his 80s, and he could still take a wedding photo like a young man, and he was very happy.

(The source of Dong Xiaobin's video production is Yuan'an County Culture and Tourism Bureau)

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]