China-Singapore Entertainment, Beijing, April 29th. The China Writers' Copyright Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Writing and Writing Association") recently held a list of the top ten most popular writers in 2021 and the 2021 annual report conference online.

Liang Fei, deputy director general of the Literature and Authors Association, announced the "Top Ten Users of the Literature and Authors Association in 2021", "2021 Top Ten Users List", "2021 Top 10 Works of the Year" and "Top 10 Most Popular Writers of 2021".

Image source: Photo courtesy of Wenshu Association

  The "Top Ten Users in 2021" include People's Education Publishing House, Beijiao Xiaoyu Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Education Publishing House, Shandong Pictorial Publishing House, etc.

In 2021, the above ten users will pay more than 10 million yuan in copyright royalties.

  According to Liang Fei, the membership development and management of the Association is progressing steadily. In 2021, 10,400 members have been developed, and all the works of the members are managed in an orderly manner.

  The list of the top ten works in 2021 is: "A Cat Who Wants to Fly" (author Chen Bochui), "Cooked Head" Wooden Pile (author Yan Wenjing), "Little Carp Jumping over the Dragon Gate" (author Jin Jin), "Lonely". Little Crab (author Bing Bo), "Where is Grandpa's Grandpa" (author Jia Lanpo), "Puppy's Little House" (author Sun Youjun), "Little Hero Rain Comes" (author Guan Hua), "Scarecrow" (author Ye Shengtao), "Adventures in the World of Bacteria" (author Gao Shiqi), "Look at Our Earth" (author Li Siguang).

  It is worth mentioning that the "Top 10 Most Popular Writers": Chen Bochui, Jia Lanpo, Jin Jin, Yan Wenjing, Gao Shiqi, Li Siguang, Bing Bo, Sun Youjun, Guan Hua, and Ye Shengtao also contributed to the 2021 copyright royalty income of the Writers Association. Top ten authors.

In 2021, the total amount of copyright royalties collected by the Writers Association for these ten writers will exceed 5 million yuan.

  According to reports, in 2021, the Literature and Writers Association has carried out fruitful work in fulfilling the statutory functions of newspaper reprinting and textbook reprinting and remuneration, and carrying out collective management and copyright agency.

The copyright royalties collected in 2021 will reach 24.55 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.4%.

  Other ancillary services are also carried out in sequence: in terms of remuneration distribution, 38 times of transfer and distribution of copyright royalties have been completed throughout the year, involving more than 5,000 articles.

In terms of member maintenance, 67 new copyright owners have been added, and 247 pieces of author information have been updated.

  In the interactive session, Liang Fei also answered the questions raised by netizens such as "the ownership of the copyright of the interview works", "the license specification of the works on the new media platform" and "the copyright protection period of the cooperative works".